Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life in the Slow Lane

I am living life in the slow lane for now. Tuesday we had home meeting Bible study,with Pastor Decimo from the church Manantial de Vida here in Pucallpa. Papito introduced me to the 3 others who attended (the Pastor was surprised and delighted to see me again), and asked me first to share some scripture, and then some of my testimony as a missionary. As folks were leaving, the elder sister grabbed my face in her hands and gave me a kiss and thanked me for sharing my testimony.  I have been walking with Papi in the mornings, and having devotional times with him 2-4 times a day, as well as times with Levi. Every time we discuss the scriptures and pray together, it just makes me fall more in love with him, seeing his heart for the Lord.
 My hip bothers me a lot, but I am managing.
The evenings have been comfortable, not overly hot. We did have some cold ones - bear in mind, this is in the rain forest region, usually very hot. So it was unusual to have to wear y warm fuzzy pants and hoody and a blanket to bed! But cooler nights are easier for sleeping. No climate controlled rooms in the house here!
I have been contributing to the support of my in-laws by helping to purchase goods for the bodega. Today I will go with Mai and Levis son Josue to get a large sack of sugar and a box of coffee packets. I also join Mami in the cooking - we are learning each others recipes. Excuse the punctuation - keys here do not always coincide with keys there! I am such a gramar nazi myself it bugs me. Where is the question mark !
I am going to be getting together with niece Erika to plan an event such as we had in 2012. I hope we can pull off 2 before I return to Lima on the 14th. I will not post much from Pucallpa, but you will hear more from me when I am in Lima. Thank you for prayers.

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