Thursday, July 17, 2014

After a Rest...

Had a restful night, which included a 35 minute phone call to my Honey! Arranged to treat Vicki and one of my "sons," Paul (who has CP) to lunch today, after which Vicki and I will probably try to book our bus trip back to Lima for the 28th in the evening. Being a holiday it will probably cost more, but there is a monthly meeting of pastors and Vicki said that I was expected; so we're going to leave afterwards, so we can get back in time for my god-daughter's birthday on the 29th. Meanwhile, tonight I will be ministering to a group of women - prayers always welcome!
Had one mishap, after using chamberpot during the night I accidently let a corner of one of my blankets dip in the pot. Gross! When I got up after seeing to nature's call and leaving the blanket at the wash basin, I did a little walk around the yard, praying as I went, and then did my resistance band workout routine, which I haven't done since Friday. Want to stay in shape, limp and all.
Had palta (avocado), rolls, a couple of olives, and coffee for breakfast. MMMMM, avocados!

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