Friday, July 11, 2014

Still in Pucallpa

Tuesday there had been some rain, so Papi did not expect anyone to come to home meetng - the mud can be very daunting. BUT, sister Rosa came anyway, and the four of us - my n-laws, Rosa, and myself - had ourselves a good study. A Little later the pastor dropped by to confirm our date with sister Carolyn from the US, who is a missionary to a local tribe. She arrived Wed. by motokar in front of our house and paid for the 2 motokars to take us to Yarinacocha - Levi came on his motorcycle - to a restaurant called Maloka. I was actually going to load some pix, but forgot my cable - so, when I get to Lima! It was a lovely place, and priced for tourists. No way would a self-respecting Peruvian pay 30 soles for one meal! But Carolyn treated us - I opted for Majas, which is like a wild peccary, since I'd never had it. It was delicious, very tender, served with fried yucca and maduros (sweet plantains),. We drank passion fruit juice, which I haven't had in ages!
Thursday Ma and I walked to my sis-in-law Marita's house, just a few blocks. It was overcast so I didn't roast. Had a nice visit with her and nephew Abel, who loved to pepper me with questions about the US and NY, and which I was happy to answer. Saw a cute wee toady no bigger than my fingernail on the way home!
Levi and I have had some good conversations about possibilities and options. for travel and ministry.
I was glad to see my last pay was good enough to let my DD cash a check I left for her. But I do have a concern about my World MasterCard which I haven't used yet, but the account showed $75 against it. It MAY be a start up fee, I don't know. I am going to call the bank when I return home - not NEW YORK home, but PUCALLPA home.
Ma is hosting the women's ministry meeting at 2 today (after we've had lunch, which I believe is fish.)
I will leave my cargo shorts here to be given away because they are too LOOOOOOOOSE on me!  Will also give my sandals to a sister in Christ whom they fit quite nicely, as she has same problem as I do, finding good shoes that fit my big wide feet.
I have taken pix of various flora in my walk with Papi because my sisters  always takes such nice nature shots!
No ministerig per se, except to bless Levi with massages after a hard day of work and keep up with his laundry. Even ironed for him once! Now THAT is LOVE!
Thanks for prayers! I leave for Lima on the 14th.

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