Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Days in Chiclayo

My last day in Chiclayo. We leave around 6:30 for the station, and the bus leaves around 7:30 tonight. It's about 13 hurs to Lima.
The conference ended early last night - while there was still daylight! (near the equator, so sun sets around 6!) Segundo conducted us home, and I stripped and hopped in the bath house, Vicki washed the few dirty duds I had and hung them on the line so they'd dry in time to pack. Then, though I whined a little that I didn't want to go out again, Vicki and the girls convinced me to go with them to a fair in a neighboring town/suburb. Well, at least we went in her son Walter's new taxi (a KIA for anyone interested to know) - more comfortable than a motokar, especially for this stupid hip. We walked around  (good exercise) - I treated to candy apples (and chocolate-covered marshmallows on a stick for Vicki's granddaughter). I also bought a few more little trinkets for the kiddies at home...and some CANDY, which I HOPE will make it to the US (though the peanuty chocolate fudge may take a beating).
This morning even my fuzzy pants were quite dry, and I'm borrowing a carry-on sized suitcase from Vicki to hold the things I've bought for kids and the things I've been given. I can transfer stuff to the large suitcase when we get to Lima. Vicki left early this morning for the bus station to get our seats. I gave her 300 soles, just in case, but it was only 80 each, much better than we expected, given the holidays.

I'm glad I was able to participate in the leadership training - I trust the Lord will use it to make me more effective in my home church! I didn't get a certificate, as the others did, but no matter. And I was glad to be able to help a little over some rough spots in the translating. It was also fun to meet my countrymen (and I told Ken I was BORN in Texas, where they're from.)

Two of the speakers, Nate and Tracy, had already had to leave...but here I am with those who remained.

 Psa. Paquita wants me to return to Chiclayo to speak to the women/pastoras. In fact, as other pastors in my classroom got to know me, some of them were interested in inviting me as well. But I explained time and again that this was my last long bus trip - I plan to work with Levi to establish something permanent in Pucallpa, in the Lord's timing.

I took a few pix of the adobe that Elmer made, just like in the times when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt! I wanted to do a video of him actually making some, to show the process, but he isn't here today. Still, here you go for a look at his handiwork. The mound in the background is where he gets the earth - you can see the chaff in front of it, to be mixed in. Then to the right is the first drying stage, flat; then they are inspected and trimmed and set upright to dry more, as in the middle.

To the left you see a stack of his work. In the background you see one of many homes being constructed of this material.

I am grateful for his brotherly affection and care for my skin by getting me sunblock!

I'm very grateful to Vicki and her daughters, for hospitality, for taking care of me, washing my clothes by hand. I appreciate Vicki's humble, submissive spirit and her ability to see GOd's hand working in her life; her discernment and wisdom, her mightiness in battle; her joyful, generous heart!

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