Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Park, A Party, and A Day with the Girls

Had fun at Huascar Park on the 29th, and Psa. Lorenza picked me up later. She arrived in a mototaxi driven by a brother Antonio whom I remembered from her church. On arrival, there was a sister at her house who greeted me as though she knew me - which isn't unusual because how many grings to they have to remember? We sat and talked about the Lord and His work in our lives, and then in the conversation she mentioned someone speaking to her, calling her by name - at which point I picked up on who she was, none other than Lucesita, who accompanied another clown known as Pin Pon back in 2006. That was the first and only time I'd met and seen her, but I'd write her occasionally in care of the pastora. She said I looked a lot younger than when she first met me (the rejuvenation of the Holy Spirit!) Anyway, as others arrived she left a bit and returned dressed as a clown, distributing funny hats, balloons and whistles. Ester was turning 20, but that doesn't mean you can't have

fun like a little kid! Ester's brother David cooked a rich "sopa seca" - noodles with a tasty sauce and a slab of pork. As I gnawed my piece and logs got packed betweenmy teeth, I realized in my eagerness to visit with Lorenza I'd neglected to pack toothbrush and floss (AND journal so I have some catcing up to do). I don't know what time Lorenza rode with me, driven by Antonio, to Aurora's house for the night. I don't mind staying in very humble homes, but it IS nice to enjoy an occasional luxurious bed with a bathroom adjoining! Lorenza spent the night with me - Aurora was away, but returned the next morning. So we spent the day together, girlfriends, talking about this and that, sharing scriptures and songs and anecdotes. Lorenza's older daughter Mirian came by to help with preparing meals, and Ester joined us too. They pampered me with good food and good company. Aurora went out again later, and after dinner Lorenza shared some about her childhood/adolescence with me before we retired.
This morning when I joined the women downstairs, Aurora pulled out a stack of little cards with scriptures, and told me to take 3, and we'd read them in order. The first was Psalm 4:7 7 Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased. She commented, "When you come, you make everyone happy with your presence!" THAT was a touching sentiment!
We had breakfast and then Lorenza contacted another brother to deliver me to the church. I don't know if it was Vicki or Sabi who picked up my toothy stuff and a change of clothes - AND my journal - fromCarmen's house, but there it is! After loading pix, I brushed and brushed and flossed. Sabi has just heated some water for me, sonow I'm going to bathe, first time since before leaving Chiclayo!!!! I will be nice and clean for my birthday! Thaniks for prayers and birthday wishes/blessings!


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