Friday, August 1, 2014


Sabi prepared some chicken, potatoes, and the ubiquitous rice for all who came for lunch on my birthday yesterday. But for me she also prepared a special meal, what I'd call "Chinese-ified" chicken - stir fried with veggies, EVEN BEAN SPROUTS!, because, she said, "Es tu CUMPLEAÑOS!" (it's your BIRTHDAY!)

Guests arrived in dribs and drabs - pastors and pastoras, friends, and "sons". I had no expectation of gifts, but I got them anyway. Lima's winter isn't as cold as Rochester's, but there's no central heating, and the dampness gets to one. I got some nice warm socks and a few different scarves, and a combination hat and scarf which I ended up wearing the rest of the day. 

Pictures were taken, and later I loaded them. Then around 5 Sabi sggested I may want to take a little nap back at Carmen's house because the service was apt to go long. So Jorge accompanied me - we looked for a motokar but there were NONE in sight. So we ended up walking the whole way. I have the strength and stamina - but it's the knee and hip that give me trouble (in this case, the knee was hurting more.) I promptly flopped in my bed and had a nice nap, rising when I heard Vicki's voice when she came to get me. This time we WERE able to get a motokar.
We started with a church service - Sabi's daughter Ruth led in the singing.

 As the last song was coming to an end, I sensed the Father wanted to minister to His children, and went to speak to Sabi about it - she indicated I should go ahead. So I invited people up for prayer while "son" Jhibson softly played on the keyboard. And Father touched a number of hearts that evening.

Then the seats were rearranged and the party began. Sabi had seenmy pix of the clown at my goddaughter's birthday, and when I told her she could contact Lucesita through Psa. Lorenza, she did just that, and so I HAD A CLOWN FOR MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! And balloons - in fact, I hadn't noticed at first, but they had strung up red balloons, AND A PIÑATA! Well, out came the clown, with the funny hats, whistles and balloons, and a CD had been put in of lively praise songs, and so everyone got up and did a simple little "dance" , trotting around the floor, waving balloons and blowing whistles.

 It was silly - it was good clean fun, without drunkenness. Afterwards, a couple of little games, then the cake. When everyone finally cleared out and Vicki accompanied me to her brother's house, it was already midnight! I had to write SOME in my journal. I got it started and finally retired, and then after Vicki and I got up and returned to the church and had breakfast, I finally caught up. And now I'm blogging and trying to load pix. Thanks for prayers - I am sure they helped to minister to the folks last night!

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