Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Quiet Day and Another Day Visiting

Yesterday morning Vicki and I returned to the church where we had a nice breakfast of fried maduros, some over-easy eggs, and the crispy-on-the-outsied, chewy-on-the-inside rolls that I like so much. I spent some time on the computer, and later some of the women came to study the Bible.

 Sabi took me to the "center" so I could take out some cash - Psa. Hilda was going to look for some polos for me, and I'd given her a deposit, but I wanted to be sure I had enough to pay her. Then I wanted to get some hair color - the white is making its appearance, and I want to look nice for Levi when I return to Pucallpa. Sabi knew just where to take me, a "mall" of sorts, an enclosed area of shops. I got a small tube of the color I wanted, and treated Sabi to a hair product, for all her carting me around. Then while we were there, she got makings for tuna macaroni salad (that she'd learned from me). It was tempting to take a picture of the dressed, ready-to-cook cuyes - GUINEA PIG - but I knew it would upset my daughter, since we've had them as pets.
                  Sabi gets the mixed Asian veggies to make a Chinese style dish

Thus laden we returned to the church, and I joined the women in the studies whil Sabi prepared the lunch. We covered a number of topics, sharing experiences - very like when Papito Eladio and I study the Word. Exhilerating.

Then after lunching, I spent more time with them, before getting back on the computer. After a while Sabi prepared a little supper. Then while the pastors and leaders had a meeting, back I went on the computer, till they finished and Maximo gave everyone a ride home in his combi. This morning Sabi got me around 8 and one of my "daughters", Tatiyana, came to get me. She'd just gotten back from visiting her sister who was doing nursing internship among isolated villages - the government pays for nursing school as long as they do this community service! (That is my basic understanding, anyway.) Her older sister Mari prepared breakfast and lunch, and Tatiyana and I spent the hours talking about everything, showing each other pix - she on her cell phone, me from my camera, and then she led me up stairs (spiral staircase) to her room, and then led me to the computer in her bro's room, where I showed her pix and vids on my Facebook and Youtube. Anyway, we had a very nice visit.

 And here I am back at the church.
I would REALLY like to have a good bath, even if it IS asponge bath. I haven't been able to change my clothes as I wait for others to dry...I fear I smell gamey.

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