Monday, July 18, 2016

July 1 and 2

Had a late breakfast because I was up late. Later on, Jorge's sister Sonia and mother came by. Sonia chatted with me a while, and then Sabi came down to ask about what to make for lunch. Since Sonia doesn't like any kind of noodle/pasta (which I understand, my grandson having the same issue with the texture) we decided to do the beef bits with lots of veggies - broccoli, red pepper, onions, and cilantro, and of course GARLIC. Served with rice. I ALMOST forgot to take the food pic! Then I went downstairs to diddle about on FB. Well, Sabi told me a bunch of the youth were going to this big Christian concert, wanting her to come, and wondering about my coming. But, truthfully, even if we bring along a folding chair, I don't think I have the stamina, much as I'd love to hear Marcos Witt in concert. So I suggested it may be a good opportunity for me to spend the night with some other friends, Abel's sister Cristina, and frequent friend Psa Lorenza. Not having phone numbers, I was sending messages via facebook and saw that Cristina's son was online, so I also sent him a message, and soon after Lorenza got back to me and will come to get me in about an hour. So I grabbed my toothbrush and some necessaries and prepare for a nice visit. Camera too, of course!
My goddaughter Ester came with her baby Josias to pick me up. We went by motokar to her mom Lorenza's place of business, a little tailor shop in an enclosed market place. There I wiled away some time with them, getting pix as her kids trickled in. Eldest, Mirian, was already there helping with the work. My namesake showed up with a delighted cry of "Hermana SHELLEEEEEEEEY!" Aaron arrived, and later David,and the twins Albert and Daisy, and finally Jonas. We started chatting until it was time to close up. Lorenza invited me to the church, formerly Aposento Alto, now Santidad a Jehovah. David carried my satchel and deposited it in the adjoining house while we waited for someone who REMEMBERED the key. I didn't have to preach! There were cushions for kneeling on the floor during opening prayer time, and I told Lorenza I couldn't kneel. We just waited a moment at the entrance as a sister prayed over us - something like a spiritual wiping off the feet before going in, I guess. Then Lorenza got a chair down for me and I joined in praying quietly while the pastora (NOT Lorenza) prayed in the mike for a time. When prayer time was over, the chairs were set out and service began. Mirian and Ester each took part in leading in singing. Daisy was quite taken with me (in the shop little Shelley mentioned her curiosity about our money, so I showed them coins and dollar bills) and sat by me snuggling, until I suggested she lay her head on my lap. She was disappointed that she didn't have a chance to sing HER special, but meanwhile, she ended up dozing off. When she stirred, fussing in her semi-wakeful state (she's 5 years old), Lorenza took her to the house. After the sermon and offering, the prayer of benediction, and I waited for Lorenza to escort me to Aurora's house where I'd spend the night. While waiting the Pastora talked to me and suddenly realized, Oh, I was the MISSIONARY! (I guess short hair and pants threw her off!) and she asked questions and enjoyed conversation - then they realized I was going to Pucallpa, and here was a sister from that very place! (pictures again!) Then David with my satchel and Lorenza and I started walking in the direction of Aurora's house until we got a motokar the rest of the way. She was delighted to receive me and we all had a late, light supper of a chicken noodle soup, plus hot chocolate and crackers. I slept well in the upper room, bathroom just across the hall. No clock around, so I don't know what time it was when I got up, but she let me use her Bible while she went about preparing our breakfast of eggs, rolls, and "Quaker" (oatmeal). Later Lorenza arrived with my dollars exchanged for soles, while Aurora went with her young helper Luzmila to get makings for lunch. We all sat in the kitchen chatting, until another , a brother Jhonny arrived and he and I engaged in a long conversation concerning mainly sanctification. Then lunch - chicken noodle soup, then "Pollo al ingles" (chicken fillets salted and fried), a salad consisting of peas, green beens, and beets, and the ubiquitous rice. After lunch, Lorenza accompanied me back to my temporary home and now I am awaiting pick up by my next host church.

June 30

Around 10 Sabi and I were to be picked up to go visit folks I met at conference -Reina and family - in Los Olivos. I also called the translator to see if a rush could be put on my papers because I have to take them to the dept. of exterior relations, and I want thiings to be done BEFORE my flight to Pucallpa! Pray for the paperwork to be expedited - I don't want to have to change my flight!
Reina was later than expected due to traffic. She arrived around 11:30 and we took a motokar to the Metro, Lima's elevated train which runs North-South. Took it to Miguel Grau and then a taxi to Los Olivos. Sabi and I were surprised when she led us to a Catholic school, where I was invited to share about my faith and experiences. They seemed to be from kindergarten to maybe 6th grade. Some came up and wished us a good afternoon with a little peck on the cheek. Three boys, obvious friends, were in front all giggly, poking each other, hugging each other. I shared about how I came to the Lord, and some of the things He's brought me through; and from Ps. 139 and Eph. 2:10 about how special each of THEM is.Then there was time for questions - stretched out by many giggles - questions ranged from wondering my age, to whether we'd sin any more once we got to heaven, to how can we have a closer walk with God. We finished after about an hour, then walked to Reina's mom's house where we served a delicious lunch with a couple of teachers and family members.Reina served us a yummy cake for dessert. I had GOOOOD exercise as we walked and walked and walked to where we could get a cab or motokar back to the Metro; more exercise as I trundled up the stairs to the platform. Reina paid our way back and slipped an offering in my hand and we were on our way back to Villa el Salvador. I'm glad I brought the cane, as it made the stairs a little easier and guaranteed me a seat on the train. Since we'd had such a late lunch, we weren't hungry, but I gave Sabi the offering and some more to get us pollo a la braza for dinner after the service. I was so tired after all the physical exertion that I lay down and even dozed during the service. But I came out in time to greet folks, and a brother Lorenzo spent some time talking with me afterwards. Shy, soft-spoken, but he said whenever I come it inspires him to press on more. He was asking about where I lived, since his daughter had spent some time studying in the states "where it's always cold, with ice" (so I guessed Alaska but it turned out to be Minnesota!) I turned on the computer and put up google maps and showed him around a little. He enjoyed the virtual travel!
Anyway, Sabi got our chicken so I went upstairs and we enjoyed it. Moises tried the Heinz ketchup we got at Tottus the other day, and he pronounced it "rico." And here I am. Pray I can get a phone call through to Levi so he knows I haven't forgotten about him! Pray also for those papers to get processed in time!

You can kinda see me between Sabina and Reina

Good food and good company - some of the teachers along with Reina and her Mom

Reina cuts the cake

June 29

My son "el Payaso" (the clown) Dany came with his fiancee - they arrived after Sabi, Ruth and I breakfasted, so Sabi fixed them a light breakfast, courtesy of Gaspina and Negrita. I spent a good time chatting with them, Dany filling me in on what's been going on. Then I went up to make Tuna melts, the ingredients for which we'd gone to Tottus, the Wegman's/Walmart equivalent here in Peru. Sabi also prepared rice and some chicken, as if the tuna melts were not enough.Tuna melts were a success, no leftovers of the dozen I made with the help of a sister, Marcelina, from Ps. Alberto's church, who got drafted into flipping the 2 sandwiches in the pan while I assembled 2 more at a time. Dany and I each had 2; he ALSO had the chicken, potatoes, rice, and platanos that Sabi prepared! After a pleasant lunch and company, they left, and later Sabi, Jorge, and I went and prayed for a sister Nimia from the church, and son Tito. Then Jorge and I joined Roldan and the brother from his church, Cesar, who drove us to the Cerro, that is, the high place - I mean, this was HIGH! And it was rainy today - not like in the jungle, but still, the mist was heavier, with actual drops. The haze was so thick too, that I was praying in the spirit all the way up and back because of how steep it was. And we went at a very slow pace, with good reason! But we arrived safely, obviously, as I'm reporting it - and once there, had to ascend a steep stairway, some of the steps of which were higher than others. GLAD I TOOK THE CANE, for just in case! We dined with Ps. Ruben and his mother, wife, and brother, and then descended - here I really appreciated the arm held for me, with the pastor in front of me to pad my fall (haha).I shared a message from a few passages, notably Ps. 139, John 17, 2 Cor 4, and Rom. 12, something for everyone (I was sensing). Aftrwards, Jorge invited people to come up for prayer, and so I went to each and prayed for them. Ps. Ruben was very happy to have me, saying there'd been prophecy that foreign missionaries would come from all over, and I was the first! So, a blessing and honor for me!
Anyway, I was given a bottle of dark, rich honey, and brought safely "home", and will just catch up a bit before i hit the hay. Thanks for on-going prayers - I'm sure they kept us on the road rather than over the cliff!

Dany and Janny

Tuna melts!

Why missionaries need our prayers

Why it's hard to lose weight

The pastor's mum, Roldan, Jorge, and Ps. Ruben

Message - nice background, isn't it?