Monday, July 18, 2016

June 29

My son "el Payaso" (the clown) Dany came with his fiancee - they arrived after Sabi, Ruth and I breakfasted, so Sabi fixed them a light breakfast, courtesy of Gaspina and Negrita. I spent a good time chatting with them, Dany filling me in on what's been going on. Then I went up to make Tuna melts, the ingredients for which we'd gone to Tottus, the Wegman's/Walmart equivalent here in Peru. Sabi also prepared rice and some chicken, as if the tuna melts were not enough.Tuna melts were a success, no leftovers of the dozen I made with the help of a sister, Marcelina, from Ps. Alberto's church, who got drafted into flipping the 2 sandwiches in the pan while I assembled 2 more at a time. Dany and I each had 2; he ALSO had the chicken, potatoes, rice, and platanos that Sabi prepared! After a pleasant lunch and company, they left, and later Sabi, Jorge, and I went and prayed for a sister Nimia from the church, and son Tito. Then Jorge and I joined Roldan and the brother from his church, Cesar, who drove us to the Cerro, that is, the high place - I mean, this was HIGH! And it was rainy today - not like in the jungle, but still, the mist was heavier, with actual drops. The haze was so thick too, that I was praying in the spirit all the way up and back because of how steep it was. And we went at a very slow pace, with good reason! But we arrived safely, obviously, as I'm reporting it - and once there, had to ascend a steep stairway, some of the steps of which were higher than others. GLAD I TOOK THE CANE, for just in case! We dined with Ps. Ruben and his mother, wife, and brother, and then descended - here I really appreciated the arm held for me, with the pastor in front of me to pad my fall (haha).I shared a message from a few passages, notably Ps. 139, John 17, 2 Cor 4, and Rom. 12, something for everyone (I was sensing). Aftrwards, Jorge invited people to come up for prayer, and so I went to each and prayed for them. Ps. Ruben was very happy to have me, saying there'd been prophecy that foreign missionaries would come from all over, and I was the first! So, a blessing and honor for me!
Anyway, I was given a bottle of dark, rich honey, and brought safely "home", and will just catch up a bit before i hit the hay. Thanks for on-going prayers - I'm sure they kept us on the road rather than over the cliff!

Dany and Janny

Tuna melts!

Why missionaries need our prayers

Why it's hard to lose weight

The pastor's mum, Roldan, Jorge, and Ps. Ruben

Message - nice background, isn't it?


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