Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27 - Embassy and Andy

Last night Sabi and I got a motokar (Jorge followed a bit later) to the church Nueva Vida pastored by Amerigo, who has quite a testimony: He'd been hit in the head by a huge rock or brick at a construction site which literally bashed in his head. He was in a coma for a time - Jorge and Sabina held regular fasting and prayer vigils for him, and here he is today, still pastoring his church! Glory! I was blessed to receive the offering, and used part of it for a cab home for the 3 of us.
Then we had Ps. Andy come for us - me, Sabi, and Ruth - to take us to my appt. at the embassy to get the notarized affidavit saying I am free to marry. We were so early, having beat the traffic, that I treated us to breakfast of chicken sandwiches and papaya juice. Things have changed at the embassy, and Sabi and Ruth couldn't accompany me inside. So they waited outsied for me. I told security I had a titanium knee - one of the guards said, "Somos iguales!" (We're the same!) When I set off the scanner, I offered to pull out the cards issued to me, but they waved me on. Since I was so early, I actually got biz taken care of before my 9 am appt. So I rejoined my friends and we waited for Andy to pick us up and take us to an official translator. We had to wait for her to open, and then I put a deposit down on the work. The official document with the apostille will be an official translation, but I also gave my previous marriage certificate and the death certificate - which, having no apostille, would not be OFFICIAL, but at least I'd have something IN CASE. She said they'll be ready MONDAY the 4th, at 3 pm! I hope the next stop will finish in time! I may call from time to time to see if they got done before the 4th. It would be more convenient to have them finished THIS week. Put THAT in your prayers!
There was an unfortunate woman in line whose purse with passport and important stuff had been stolen when she was in Cuzco. Pray for travelers everywhere!
Well, Andy took Sabi and Ruth home, and I asked him how much I should pay him. He was going to charge me only 20 soles, ridiculously low! I gave him 5 times that because he'd been driving all over the city. Then he brought me to his home where he cooked what I thought was lunch - but he said it was just, what did he call it? I forgot, something like appetizer I guess...a tide-y over, as my family calls it - and another pastor, Wilme, stopped in to visit and join us. Had a nice conversation with him and Cynthia's mom, Graciela, cousin to Levi through his uncle Armando. Afterwards, I was ready to go home, thanking Andy for lunch - which is when he revealed that was more like a snack. Cynthia had me lie down for a little nap while Andy did some errands, and later she prepare the ACTUAL lunch (photo thereof in album!) THEN he drove me "home" after picking up his sister Enma and nieces to go elsewhere after dropping me off. The one niece was telling how she met a boy in her school from the United States and she saw some money that looked strange. I showed her a dollar bill and a quarter - and gave her the quarter.
Pray also for Cynthia who has been afflicted with Lupus and also suffering side effects of prednisone.
All for today!
Shelita and Chela

Chef Andy

A typical Peruvian meal

View of Ocean (PACIFIC!)

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