Thursday, June 23, 2016

Getting Ready!

This will be my 11th trip to Peru. Missions - ministering in visitation and encouragement - is still priority BUT this time I am hoping that all my documents are within the allowed time period so that Levi and I can get an OFFICIAL, civil (as opposed to church - not that we are not civil!) ceremony. Just keep the details in your prayers - God knows what's necessary and we have an idea!

Not sure who exactly will pick me up at the airport, but Ps. Jorge assures me they have it covered. I'll be arriving around 11 pm Friday June 24. But here are a few pix of people who have seen me off, and who have welcomed me. I did request of Ps. Jorge that he get young Ps. Andy to be the driver - he is also a cabdriver and knows the city well, and when I learned he got married to a relation of Levi's - the daughter of his cousin's niece - well, I figure, I'd just as soon pay FAMILY for services!
Ps. Andy and his wife Cynthia and her son

Ruth meets me at the airport to pass time before I return to the States

L to R, Ronal, Jose, Jhibson, and Tito take charge of luggage when I arrive from Pucallpa in 2012

A host of others bid me farewell in 2012. They may not be there to greet me tomorrow night, but I'm certain of an enthusiastic welcome when we all get up Saturday morning!

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