Saturday, June 25, 2016

On the Way, and Arrival

Safe and sound and rested in Villa el Salvador!
Flights were thankfully uneventful, all on time. I tried tipping my wheelchair jockeys but they refused and one said "we can't" so that saved money...Plus I actually did NOT have to pay for the 2nd suitcase...another savings. Yay! Which made up for the outrageously priced salad and water I had for lunch at Washington Reagan airport (my first time in THAT one). But the container was nice, so I gave it to Sabina - a handy rectangular thing with a lid.And I kept the water bottle, refilling it from water fountains.
Next stage was Orlando, and that's where I had the longest layover, a full 7 hours before my next flight took off. I had originally thought to have my sister Pam come from Tavares, but thought better of it - heat, and traffic and long drive - ugh! But I journaled some, and since it was also the first time in THAT airport, took some pix. While waiting in line got to chatting with some women from Chile. What caught my attention was how the mom was smooshing her adult daughters' faces and kissing them, and we were all laughing, and I suggested her daughter get vengeance by doing what MY daughter aBI does - "Oh, Mommy, I love you - SHLURP!!" Anyway, since we were waiting long, we talked about a lot of different things, including my reasons for going to Peru. We had such a nice time that we exhanged names, and I'll be "friending" the girls.
Arrived at 10:20 in Lima, passed through customs and was met by Sabina, Jorge, and  Jose and Ps. Andy came as the taxi driver. He shared all manner of testimonies of what he's seen God doing and what he's been doing, with me putting in a comment now and then. I guess we arrived "home" iin Villa el Salvador around 1 am, and the church has its ROOF! (in 2014 they were having some fund-raisers, the parillada and the fried dough). Jhon had helped construct a little room downstairs, and this is where I am stationed, with bed and internet near the bathroom - what more do I need? Abel arrived at the airport after we'd already left, so he came this morning to have breakfast with me (cooked by Sabina - 2 fried eggs with rolls called pan frances, French bread - and instant coffe, and OLIVES!) Then after he left Jhon came to visit (and I gave him his very own small jar of peanut butter).
I have been in Isaiah 40 and sense the Lord leading to tell of Father's love - AGAIN. So - in your prayers, pray He uses me as a vessel thereof. Oh, and as I was starting this,Gaby stopped by to greet me before going to work. Hope we have a chance to visit! Anyway, now to load some pix.
Atrium at Orlando airport

Okyanna and Tavieth

Minnie Mouse ears!

Ingrid and me, new friends

Viloleta her mother

Jorge and Sabi with me at airport

Abel for Breakfast

Jhon visits

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