Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well, I already mentioned how Carmen and I arrived at the church (after a leisurely breakfast) around 9:45, and found a number of the women already grilling chicken for the fundraiser. Since I wasn't much help with THAT, I willingly accepted Jorge's invitation to deliver the message. Afterwards, Sabi served me a "little" breast - oh, my yummy! As people came and went for their chicken orders, i got to see some other pastor friends. But I think the best surprise of all was the arrival of the SUV with folks from Manantial de Vida, followed soon after by others on foot. They were surprised and delighted to see me, disappointed that I'm leaving Lima Thurs and won't have time to visit the CHURCH - but we took advantage of THIS time. Of course, they asked how pastor Al Hauck was! He is fondly remembered and missed. Luisa, the mother of my other goddaughter Lisbet, managed to work out a lunch date with me for Wednesday...and I think more of the Juarez clan may descend upon her for a little more visiting time! Meanwhile, I noted it was after 8 pm, so apparently the other church engagement fell through - but I was fine with that. After all, I'd preached in the morning when I WASN'T expecting to, and so when I WAS, and DIDN'T, I thoroughly enjoyed fellowship with these brethren. And I have successfully loaded the pix from the event to my facebook account (opting to create a separate album for them). Tomorrow? Well, I may be making burgers (Burger King style) for pastor Andy and family...we'll see! Thanks for prayers!

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