Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Catching Up

Oh, dear, I have some catching up to do!
Friday I spent much of the day loading pix. I made a potato salad while Vicki and Sabina made a fish soup and a cebiche, and we hree and Ruth enjoyed lunch together. Later Ps. Jorge told us it was sister Iris' bithday, so Sabi and I went walking, accompanied by another sister and her two children, to wish Iris a happy birthday, before returning for Friday evening's service. She served us a spicey dish traditional to where she came from. Then back for the service, and at the end, Sabi passed put slips of paper - I had one too - assigning parts for Tuesday's service. I drew 'lead praises'.!! After folks left I was able to call Levi and talk to him for a bit.
Saturday I was invited to lunch at Flor's home above her mother Santosa's.After a deliscious meal, I spent a lot of time listening, counseling, reading scripture to her, praying for her. I went there around 1 pm, and it was around 6 pm when I returned to the church. Originally I was going to hang out with the youth service, but I ended up staying in the kitchen with Sabi and Vicki, discussing various problems one encounters in caring for the sheep.
Sunday Pastor Andy came for me in the morning - intended to come for me at 8 but was delayed. Sabi, Ruth, Jorge, and one of the lads were with him inthe back seat, Cynthia his wife in front.Jorge stayed behind while I sat in back with the others, and then Andy dropped the other 3 passengers at the church where Sabi was to give a message. We then proceeded to his home, where I met Cynthia's mother who is the niece of Levi's cousin Jorge Utia in Iquitos.Small world! For simplicity's sake, I called her Prima (cousin) 

and Cynthia Sobrina (niece).My friend Psa. Adela was there, and assorted friends and relations originally from Iquitos also came by before church. I was given a good breakfast of 2 boiled eggs, 2 boiled otatoes (of which I ate one), and a mango smoothie.THEN I was served a fried egg and platanos! (I felt like a Hobbit - second breakfast!) I could only take a bite of the egg and a piece of the platano, gave the rest to Andy and Adela.
The church was nearby and the morning service was not heavily attended. 

But it was pleasant. Then Adela's brother talked to me about all the Lord had done in his life, including how He used Andy's father, Ps. Daniel. Then we had lunch and celebrated the birthday of Andy's mother, surrounded by her friends and family - and she felt extra blessed that I could be there too (we first met in 2011) Originally Andy was going to take me a 2 hour drive to another community of Iquiteños to preach, but the partying went on for some time, so instead they had me take a nap (in a VERY comfy, warm bed!) before the evening service. I got up and spent an hour with Ps. Daniel, talking about the Lord with him. The evening service was more attended. Afterwards, due to the lateness of the hour, rather than dine together, Andy got me a pollo a la braza and dropped me off at Carmen's at the promised 11:30. My portion was generous so I shared it with Carmen before going to bed.
Monday morning Abel came for me after I had time for breakfast and washing my hair. It was delightful to see him after 6 years! I met his girlfriend, and his parents-in -law and her assorted family members, including a cousin Jhordy.We lunched, and later Jhordy and Abel practiced their English with me. Then we had a light dinner and Abel conducted me back to the church. I gave Levi a call and we agreed I could go ahead and plan to return to Pucallpa on the 14th. So after getting off the phone with him,I bought my passage.
AND today I went with an intercessor sister whom I met some years ago from one of the A oG's. She'd come to the church while I was with Abel, and worked out a visit through Sabina. I went to her home where we breakfasted and visited, then with her daughter and granddaughter for a little 'paseo'- we stopped at one of the little 'malls' where Psa Hilda has a shop. Hilda was DELIGHTED to see me, and have me with her while Maria and her daughter went to pay a bill. We had a good long visit, and when Maria et al returned, she treated us to a papaya smoothie. Then we went for lunch of pollo a la braza, back to her house where I had a little nap, then more visiting over soup before she conducted me back to church in time.Despite a frog in my throat, I was able to do MY part to lead in the singing, using the list (and lyrics!) I'd prepared beforehand.
So, now, folks have left. Jhon came in and told me Cesar was outside, so I went out to give him a big hug, and he's going to try to work out a time to visit with me and intro me to his significant other!!! before I leave. And here I am! NOW to load more pix!

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