Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Frustrations and Fun

I was going to load pix to the computer at cousin Palomino's internet, but had forgotten the cord. Then Saturday I was reviewing the pix, and came to the ones I'd taken in Ireland. I thought, "I'll delete the ones from Ireland to have more memory for the Peru ones. " I was on a video of Ireland, and when I hit "delete" it said " all frames or selected frame?" and I thought, well I want all frames of the video deleted.
It deleted ALL FRAMES...of E V E R Y T H I N G.
So-o-o...That night when Leví got home, I told him. ANd I started a few more pix. First Papi and Mami...
then some of me with Levi.
On Wed. the 9, a fellow missionary, Carolyn, took us - me, Levi, Papi, and Mami - to a lovely restaurant, and of course all THOSE photos were erased. So I brought the camera to church to get at least some pix with Carolyn and her husband Kim...
Then, since it was my last full day with the family and I wanted to take them somewhere special for lunch, and I'd erased all those pix of La Maloka, we returned there in 2 motokars.
But I'm having trouble loading pix, so it'll have to wait till another time.
But here are the events to bring you up to date: Later Victor came with Sonia and David, and I got them too. Yesterday, niece Kellie came with her cute baby girl, and I got THOSE pix. Here a pic, there a pic, everywhere a pic-pic. I'm glad my journal was intact anyway!!!
So, yesterday Mami prepared my favorite fried palomita (palometa?) a flat fish, which, when fried, has nice crunchy fins and tail! Leví came home for lunch, and I was able to give him a hug and kiss good-bye. He was going to come to the airport after he ate, to see me off. I bade farewell to the in-laws, Mami and I tearful. Carl'in came with Erika and we stopped by the house so others could say farewell: Erika's 2 boys first, then a very tearful Marita, and big hug and kiss from Abel. Carlin took me to the airport.and I checked in, and waited out front for Levi. And waited. And waited...till I had to go in to board. My guess is he got a call from a client he had to answer. But at least we had a smooch. The flight was uneventful - pleasant to look out the window. Once we crossed the mountains, it was a blanket of white - Lima in winter, all overcast. I stopped at a restroom and ATM after getting my luggage, and Jorge was there waiting. Vicki approached soon after and we crushed each other in hugs. A cab for 50 soles took us to the church where Sabi was pounding a welcome on the drums, and the others were waving streamers and making a racket of welcome. I passed out the Soldados de Bendición shirts, and distributed the bits of clothing I'd brought. Then Sabi served a little snack of picarrones which are fried dough, with a syrup. Then, since I hadn't had anything substantial since lunch and it was nearly 7, she also served me some chicharrones of pork with tomato and onion and a bit of yucca (knowing I'm not much into rice). After, another group arrived, pastores Patricio and Hilda, and Lorenza, and her daughter Ester my first goddaughter, and sister Cristina. I greeted all with hugs and kisses, but Hilda was the most emotional, crying and not wanting to let go of me. It's sweet to be so loved! Well, I was getting pretty tired, so finally Sabi led me to her sis-in-law Carmen's for the night. I slept well, and today Vicki and I leave for Chiclayo. It's time for lunch! More from Chiclayo!

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