Friday, July 18, 2014

Visiting and Ministering July 17, 2014

So, yesterday Vicki gave me a little tour of some of the farm. The sun is pretty intense here, so I cut it short, having left my sunblock in Pucallpa. This morning Elmer presnted me what at first I thought was deodorant, but it's sunblock, SPF 100! What a sweet guy! Anyway, after the tour Vicki and I went into town to meet one of my sons. I treated us to lunch at a place Vicki recommended. They had goat (Vick gave me a couple bites of hers) and I ordered Chupe de Cangrejo (chupe is from chupar, to suck - you suck the meat out of the shell) a crab chowder. It was luscious, though labor intensive (reminds me WHY I so seldom eat crab!) I had them help me finish the huge portion. 

After a little stroll in the plaza nearby, we went home, Paul coming along for a visit. Later I took a little nap and then prayed in preparation for ministering at an AOG, Ejercito Celestial. Vicki felt checked about making supper, and sure enough we were given a meal of chicken soup, sweet potatoes, and cheese before going in to the service. I preached about the FATHER'S love,

 we had some prayer after, and on leaving the pastor pressed the offering ( 20 soles, about $7.40) in my hand. This will go to our various traveling expenses!
Well, little Rambo the puppy gave me a fond greeting when we got home

 after 10:30 and I tossed myself into bed. I'm about to have (late) breakfast - more ministry tonight. Thanks for prayers!

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