Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Anosther Day in Villa el Salvador

Last night was able to call my "Honey" when he got home from work. It was good to be able to talk at length, clarify some things, make plans. I appreciate his concern for my health and well-being - he especially worries about my being so long in Lima, due to the crime and all. But I assured him the church family keeps watch over me (besides God's angles at work).
While I miss the people - and WEATHER - of Pucallpa, there's such a feeling of being at home here among the church family of Voz de la Transformacion.
Today we're going to Huascar Park. I hear they've been expanding its features. It has a small zoo, a lagoon where you can ride either a paddle boat or a motor boat, various rides and things for the kiddies, some futbol fields, a train that takes you around the park, a pool (not that I'd do any swimming this time of year!)... a nice park! Then around 6 pm I'll be going with my friend Psa Lorenza for my goddaughter's birthday (TWENTY! How'd she come to be TWENTY???)

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