Saturday, July 19, 2014


Yesterday's afternoon visits were cancelled, so I treated Vicki (offered Walter, who was with us, but he didn't want any) to ice cream.
 Last night Vicki's bro-in-law Meme picked me up and took me to the church service at a pentecostal church called Mas Que Vencedores. Vicki arrived a little later - delayed as she was picking up an order of pollo a la braz (with fries and salad) for our dinner after. After the pastor read a passage from 1 Sam. 13 about how only Saul and Jonathan had swords, I was invited first to introduce myself, and then to share from the word. I spoke about how as believers we are ALL supposed to be missionaries - doesn't mean we have to go far, nor that we have to stand on the corner shouting condemnation. Basically, What Would Jesus Do - What would Jesus SAY? He came showing the Father's LOVE, and if we want to be like Him, we have to do likewise.
  Afterwards, he expanded upon it, and invited Vicki up, and she put it succinctly - love and unity.
 Then home again, and Meme and Vicki's sis Yenny and their 2 younger sons came in and joined us. Vicki manage to tear that bird apart to serve NINE people (she opted for more of her soup from lunch; her ex, Segundo, had already eaten...)

 I went to bed afterwards, as it was already well past 10. She said the others left after midnight - and that it had been a good 3 years since she and her sister had shared a table, due to some relational problems. I hope I had a little to do with the reconciliation!
This afternoon: a meal and clothin g distribution to the neighbors, along with a message about salvation, and tonight, a youth service: "Is the Christian life boring?"
(I'll give you a hint -NO!)

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