Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chiclayo Arrival

I am safely in Chiclayo, where it is warm and sunny. Sitting here in Vikki', I guess it's the garage, because there's a motokar here, but so's the internet. I'm confused! But anyway, there's a breeze blowing through here.
Anyway, I slept well Monday night, just the occasional intrusion in my dreams of the local cock's crowing loud enough to manifest as some crazy person yelling in my dream. Carmen gave me a light breakfast of coffee and rolls, with butter, cheese, and olives on the side. I mistook the butter for cheese, and after taking a bite had to open another roll to redistribute it - though I think Ansel would have gone ahead! Then Vicki came over and walked with me a ways till she hailed a motokar for the rest of the way back to the church. Sabi had a bit MORE breakfast ready - some fried fish and yucca, and tea. I reorganized my suitcase for the trip to Chiclayo, and then gave Vicki the money for our bus trip while I got on the internet and loaded photos. Also took more pix, which I'll load later. The church got together some clothes from where they store donated clothing - 3 or 4 large bags full - for Vicki and me to take with us for distribution.

 We had a light bite before leaving around 6 pm, getting a cab to the bus station, where we boarded a little after 7. Very comfortable, Bus Cama" - a bed bus, with reclining seats, but bear in mind I'm taller than your average Peruvian. We were on the second level, up front for a panoramic view, and I occasionally put my feet up higher to change the pressure on my rump. This will definitely be my last BUS trip (well, after the return to Lima, of course, some time before the Fiestas de las Patrias, probably the 25 or 26). I did not drink a lot because I did not want to have to use the bus loo - not that it wasn't clean, it's just hard to manage in a moving vehicle! I watched Ride Along with Spanish dubbing and subtitles, but not the second movie they showed. I dozed fitfully. We arrived in Chiclayo around 8 this morning.

 Vicki prepared a light repast of boiled maduros with a side of farm cheese and some rolls. I lay down for a while and then she was calling me for lunch before I knew it. I've had a bath and changed my clothes - feel much better! - and I think today is mainly rest up from the trip. I've been reunited with Vicki's daughters Leidi and Zandy, her granddaughter Brigith - who is 12 like MY granddaughter, now how did THAT happen? - and with her son Walter, her bro Elmer 

and I met another bro (forget name). Also met her puppy, son of her deceased dog, carrying his daddy's name, Rambo - a sweet pup.
I'm going to look over mail and such and then have another nap, just in case ministry is on tonight's agenda.
I am also feeling a greater longing to be in the selva. I love the people I know in Lima and Chiclayo, but there is a stronger pull to Pucallpa with my family there. Anyway, Thanks for prayers, and you're in mine!

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