Monday, July 28, 2014

Arrival in Lima

Not sure what time we arrived in Villa el Salvador yesterday - 9 ish maybe. We got a cab from the bus station to the church, where Sabi had a breakfast ready of avocado, baloney, rolls, and tea. Being Sunday, it wasn't long before people started filing in for church service - some dear friends, and some whom I have yet to know better. I was given the opportunity to greet (greetings from MY church, Cidudad de Refugio) and share 'a word' - so being overtired, the word I shared was LOVE, that love that binds us together and makes us a family through the precious blood of Christ. A visiting pastor shared the message, and stayed for lunch after - spaghetti with a tasty sauce, and chicken.

 Sabi also gave me a plate of steamed broccoli and carrots, bless her heart! After lunch I napped a little, and got up to Nimia and other sisters preparing Picarones, a fried dough made with sweet potato, served with syrup. They whomped up a huge batch to sell to benefit the building fund.

 The church needs a good roof before continuing to construct more floors, for residence and hospitality, as well as to serve the needs of the congregation. I enjoyed a portion, and then a neighbor who is one of my spiritual sons, was enticed into the church to have a portion, and to surprise him with my company. So we enjoyed fellowship over picarones,

 and after Sabi cleaned up, I went with her to a local market to get makings for chicky-veggy soup to serve with PBJ's to a bunch of my 'kids'. They filed in, and enjoyed the sandwiches - for many it was the first time having our American staple of peanut butter. For others it was the first time having it with JELLY. All pronounced it RICO.


 Then one of my 'daughters' arrived and we had a nice chance to chat. Finally I got to yawning so much, I was accompanied tomy digs at sister Carmen's house, where I slept soundly. Got up this morning when Sabi arrived, breakfasted on fried egg and maduros and coffee. Then we walked back via the market, where Sabi stocked up on some fruits, and some fish for lunch.

I'll be spending time with the extended family today. Tomorrow so far the plan is a paseo in the morning to Huascar park, and probably in the afternoon I'll be joining my goddaughter for her birthday. So for now it seems the ministry is that of visiting individuals and families, the fellowship of the saints! Thanks for prayers!

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