Monday, June 30, 2014

Arriving and Settling In

After a long trip with various delays, I made it to Lima. And despite my telling my friends to sleep in, they couldn't wait to see me, and had arrived at the ariport between 1 and 2 in the morning, whereas I didn't arrive until 4:30, and then had to go through customs besides! However, I was so delighted to see them  - pastors Jorge and Sabina,their daughter Ruth, my "son" Jhon, sister Teresa, and her grandson Abraham. I treated them to a breakfast of Papa Joh's Hawaiian pizza, foregoing myself, having already eaten on the plane. After spending an outrageous 5 soles on a bottle of water, we decided to go outside of the airport to get cheaper (1.5 soles) - although I kept distant so that they wouldn´t try to charge more for the gringuita! Later when I was hungry, I didn´t want to pay airport prices, so Sabi and Teresa went out and bought me 2 nice sandwiches and papaya juice for only 3.75 soles.
It was a long wait - my next flight to Pucallpa was not until 8 pm,. They were willing to spend a lot more time with me, but I finally chased them home. Then I waited till about 1:30 before finally going to the gate - the chairs there were more comfortable. I felt badly, in case any other family mmbers tried to join me after that. Well, Levi met me at the airport in Pucallpa, along with his niece's husband Carlín who drove us in the motokar. I was quite hungry so we stopped at a chifa/pollería to get some chicken. At my Pucallpa home, Leví's sis Marita, her daughter Erika, and Erika and Carlín's 2 boys were waiting with Papí and Mamí. Leví hadn't eaten yet either, so we chowed down. We all greeted each other, and then they left. During the night the temperature fell with the rain, so it got chilly enough to make sleeping easier. And Sunday it continued cold  and rainy. I took a couple of good naps. Papí, Leví and I have gotten into the word, and I'm looking forward to the church home meeting tomorrow night. Did some grocery shopping today, my bro-in-law Victor driving me in his motokar with Mamí and Leví's son Josué. Pesently I'm using his cousin Camilo's computer, right next door. I downloaded a bunch of pix, and just wanted to post this quicklike so as not to be a nuisance! Thanks to everyone fo prayers.

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