Monday, July 2, 2012

Pucallpa continues...

Cousin Palomina's daughter-in-law Leysi with thir Parrot who laughs when YOU laugh

Levi relaxes on a hammock in front of the house

with nephew Fritz - 2 gorditos
Internet is not QUITE as accessible as it was in Lima, and the signal is slow, and sometimes I can't get one or another account.
Be that as it may...I have been VISITING, but mostly among extended family. I have met more nieces and nephews and children thereof. I also met Josue's girlfriend Nora and 2 1/2 year old son Angelo. I did go with my mother -in-law to visit her ailing aged sister next door, bringing enteric coated aspirin for her pain and my Bible in case there was a Word of comfort. There was indeed in Psalm 71 , especially verses 20 and 21. There is a lot of need...Tia Mercedes has children, grown, but none of them really look after her save the one. A lot of family problems.
While Levi still waits for certain papers tomake their rounds, we are enjoying the time to converse, when he isn't out looking after other matters. Someone hit his motorcycle from behind a couple of days ago, and thank the Lord, no one - especially HIM - was hurt, and the driver of the car paid for the parts and repairs.
I have to repeat that I love being with my father-in-law. I walk back and forth in front of the house to exercise with him, and we'll sit and read scripture and discuss it and pray. I'm glad to be with Levi, but his father is really an unexpected blessing to my spirit and soul, a true spiritual father.
I went to market today with Mami and Josue and got makings (at Levi's request) for spaghetti with meat sauce. Not easy to find the seasonings I'm accustomed to , but I did come upon fresh basil and some foil packs of spaghetti sauce and parmesan cheese! I also made a tossed salad, whomping up a dressing of mayo, vinegar, a bit of sugar, chopped cilantro and basil, and some parmesan cheese.
Not that one feels much like eating in the heat. I've been drinking plenty of water, and most of it I SWEAT off. I can feel myself on a slow simmer! But the spaghetti was good! We're hoping for fish for breakfast if anyone comes by with fresh catch in the morning.
Levi has been laid off from his job, so he is taking some vacation time. Pray he finds more work - eventually. He does need the rest, and we can use this time together. I appreciate now my pastors' counsel to wait...
No diahrrhea, no sun-burn...a few no-see-ums bites, but not bad. Looking forward to letting nieces practice their English with me.Hope to be able to connect with some of my flesh-n-blood via internet.

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