Monday, July 23, 2012

Going Back to Lima...Posada de Refugio

Saturday bro-in-law Victor came by with Sonia and son David, saying that with approaching holidays (Dias de las Patrias) it may be difficult to get passage to Lima, so it may behoove us to go early to get them. So we hopped inhis motokar - Ma came too, and he left her with Sonia at a store (she wanted to get material for a dress to wear to the wedding!) while we went to the bus station and got tickets. Alas, more expensive than what Ma estimated, but we were going in a sleeper bus, with more comfortable seats, and a potty on board. We're going to be leaving late Monday afternoon, arriving in Lima Tues afternoon. Also changed is our hospitality arrangement. I will have the opportunity to meet another Utia sibling, Nilsa, who lives not far from the embassy - we can take a bus, so no high taxi expenses. I'll be sleeping on a couch, and Victor on the floor probably (but he was in the armed service, so he can take it!) My hope and prayer is that we can get this done all in one day, the day of the appointment, which is Thurs the 26., or at worst in TWO days. Becuase one can pretty much forget about traveling on the holidays. I know my parents-in-law want me to be able to be with them, and then there's my birthday too, which I'd prefer to spend with family, and not on the road. BUT...I place all these things in the Lord's hands. And even if I get all MY docs squared away - Levi is STILL waiting for HIS. SO...we may still have to wait either until next year with me returning and having the civil ceremony, or once we have all docs, we may send for him to come as a fiance. BUT...we had discussed that it may be better for him to stay yet a while in Peru to get a work established. This is what we discussed, our combined visions, dreams and callings.

Posada de Refugio - House of Refuge
We'll need to purchase land about 40x40 meters. To start the work, on a 10x10  meter plot we'll have a dining hall and kitchen. Of course, these will need their furnishings - stoves/ovens, refrigerator/freezer, sinks, work areas, utensils...tables and benches. Initially we will focus on serving meals, breakfast in particular, to needy children - eventually to the elderly as well. A good breakfast is essential to do well in school! But the kitchen will also serve as a teaching area - what in my youth we called "Home Ec". This way, children can learn age-appropriate kitchen skills - meal preparation, keeping things sanitary, avoiding contamination, balanced meal planning. The kitchen can also serve to prepare foodstuffs for sale to help maintain the ministry: Ma's fabulous sweet rolls and Levi's and my pizza for starters! When the dining area is not in use, it can also serve as an instructional area. Skills such as sculpture, sewing, crocheting can be imparted to women and youth so they can develop their own little microenterprises; and of course while I'm there, I can be giving English lessons, thus giving them another tool for employability. Adjacenty to the kitchen/dining hall will be the directors' residence - me and Levi - and little by little we'll begin to take in homeless children. Eventually the property will be developed with other buildings to raise, nurture, and educate - academically and with practical skills - homeless children - and eventually down the road, elderly people as well. There are family members who can contribute to staffing, who can help run things when Levi comes to the States where together we hope to be able to raise extra support from the Christian and philanthropic community.

Meanwhile....Life goes on tranquilly here in Pucallpa. Last night I treated the parents, Levi, and Josue to dinner at a "Chifa" (Chinese restaurant.) There's a street here in Pucallpa that is full of Chifas. We dined at Monodo.I had eaten lightly during the day, having yogurt and a piece of the pizza Levi had prepared Saturday afternoon to sell. OH! That reminds me - after getting our bus tickets, I was telling Victor that, since we'll have the extra time in Lima, I could have my hair colored there. He said, "But Sonia knows how to do all that!" So, we stopped by the house, dropping Ma off, and I grabbed my Nice 'n' Easy, and went to their house where Sonia colored me for a fourth of what I would expect to pay in Lima - 5 soles! Meanwhile, I had abandoned Levi to making the pizzas by himself - which he'll have to get used to doing anyway once I leave...Okay, back to Sunday, earlier that day, Tios Armando and Teresa joined the parents in visiting at Manantial, where Levi had dropped me off since I was ready and he was not...he joined us a bit later, and stayed for the extra discipleship class, so I walked home with the folks - only about 7 minutes, and God in His grace left some clouds in the sky so I wasn't baking in my pale gringa skin. For Lima, I'm packing warmer clothes - winter continues there. If our return is delayed, I may contact my "family" in Villa el Salvador so as not to inconvenience Nilsa too long. They want to meet Levi, but they'll have to settle for his brother for now!

at the Chifa
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