Saturday, July 28, 2012

ALL Things Work Together For Good...

Stuck in Lima until TUESDAY - apparently the holidays were extended to include Monday, so I won't be able to get my "Honest, I am a widow" document until TUESDAY morning. So the soonest I can get on the road will be that afternoon. I am glad the internet is open. I am thankful they have a tv with cable - but I am so accustomed to working with my hands, I can actually say I'm rather bored. Which for me is even more difficult than merely relaxing and resting. I do have my Bible and am reading more. Praying. I miss my walks with Papito and our animated talks. While Victor is a great brother-in-law, understandably I'd prefer to be spending this time with Levi. There's a nice little park nearby, and I think I'll ask about just walking around and around - it's just a block wide, with benches. Maybe I can get a vid of another hummingbird.
It's different in this neighborhood - no dogs roaming loose. I've seen specific BREEDS, on leashes - a gorgeous brindle English bulldog, schnauzer, Shih Tzu... no cats...not hearing roosters in this neck of the woods, but doves similar to our mourning doves. There's also a bird akin to our mocking or catbird that varies its song. So it's quiet, and the bed is comfortable, and though it is still winter inLima, it's even milder than usual, I think. While Victor walked me to the internet we saw a little parade form in the park, with a band playing a patriotic march. AH, but not nearly as stirring as John Phillip Sousa's! So...not much to report. I'll be offering to cook from time to time and chipping in to the larder, because we had not counted on staying these extra days. I am thankful for Nilsa's hospitality - and Juan's of course, putting up with his in-laws and in-law-in-law! I wish I could go visit folks in Villa el Salvador - but the cab fare would eat into my funds, and I need to be able to give Victor a little something more for his time away from working ( he drives a motokar). I have my bank card, which is only a debit card - I have paid off my credit debt, and don't wish to incur more. And funds are dwindling. But my God shall supply all my needs.

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