Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of JOOOlah

Thanks to regular walking with Papito it was alittle easier to mount up behind Levi on the motorcycle that replaced the one stolen last year - this one is a bit higher, and my hip is less cooperative. Anyway, he dropped me off here at a cousin's cabina (Palomino, and I met his daughter-in-law, whose name I DID ask, but it escapes me. So many to remember! Anyway, Levi's been working on nailing the panels to the framework of our room, and needs more, as well as stronger planks for our bedstead so my weight doesn't make it collapse. Not having a scale, I have no idea how my weight may be. I am eating less, and better. Fried fish for breakfast this morning, as well as yesterday: Yesterday morning the fishmongercame by the house and I paid 25 soles for a good quantity (about 10 bucks) - some catfish, and a flat kind I've had before called palometa. MMMM!
I sometimes pass the time doing drawings - completed two animal alphabets, one in Spanish, one in English; also some little illustrated English lessons which in-laws can sell in the bodega. I'll have to see about taking some pix of them and loading them.
Yesterday, since I hadn't heard from Abi in a while, I used my calling card bought in Lima to call her, and told her to hang up and call ME, since I'm paying for the long distance anyway. After a couple of bad connections, we had success and passed a good while chatting. Meanwhile a couple other "gringas" had stopped by - they know one of the nieces and wanted to visit her, but didn't know the way.The chauffeur knows Papi, so they came for the directions. We introduced ourselves, and I learned they were from Chicago. It's always interesting to come upon other "gringos" and I'm always curious to know where they're from and what they're about!
Yesterday afternoon, some earth movers came around the neighborhood, and one of the huge machines passed back and forth in front of the house, leveling the dirt on our block. Made walking this morning easier, though you have to watch for dog poops that got mixed in and so are less visible. It'll be great to have the street paved (it's dirt) even before I go.
Early this morning when Josue had returned from work, Papito and I took our walk in the cool of the morning. When we finished, Levi was up, so we all had devotional time together, reading in Genesis the continuing story of Joseph, one of my favorites. When the Lord says, "I'm going to make you like Joseph", we often want to jump ahead to when he was 2nd only to Pharoah - but he had to pass through some very tough times of preparation first.  But every experience is good to teach us the ways of the Lord, to purify our faith, to cultivate the fruits of the Spirit.
I'll be preparing an "estofado" (stew) of the rest of the ground meat and assorted vegs for lunch today. It's kinda nice to renew my cooking skills - Abi is such a good cook, and since I work outside the home, I depend on her doing most of it.'s my turn now.
I'll continue to try loading photos...some PC's are more compliant than others!

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