Saturday, July 14, 2012

Odds and Ends

Ma showed me her hand washing technique, but after one or two bits of clothing, she chased me away so she could do it more quickly, arthritis notwithstanding.
I continue my morning walk-and-talk with Papito, and Levi said he appreciated that because his father LOVES to talk about the Lord - as do I - so the 30 minutes back and forth in front of the house go quickly.
Foreman Varela arrived the other day from Iquitos, participating in an Expo at a local fairground, in tourism (since he knows English). Levi picked him up from the airport on his motorcycle after delivering pizza, and brought him by the house. He gave us news from Iquitos, including how the property Shepherd's Heart and the Koinonia community helped with so much was also affected by the flooding earlier this year - the high brick wall fronting the property was under so much water, he said, you could only see a few centimeters of the top of it. The flooding has receded, but Iquitos is having a lot of problems. Welcome to the Amazon Basin!
Yesterday Levi's pastor from the church Manantial (for short - I'm sure there's more to the name) stopped by to visit. This pastor drops in on Papi from time to time for HIS wisdom and council. Anyway, he told Levi that there was a men's meeting that night, so after delivering Ma's sweet rolls, he borrowed my Bible and went.
When he came home, his head was hurting terribly - a severe pain he experiences at times, that scares him. I prayed for him, and told him if anything happens to him, I'd do what I could to continue to help the family. Perhaps better tech when he arrives in the states - EVENTUALLY - will help. We had a good long conversation last night - don't always have the opportunity, because despite being unemployed, he is VERY busy. BUT he has now FOUR job offers, and is seeking the Lord as to which, leaning towards one in motorcycle sales, because the man is a natural salesman, with good people skills. But there's also one at a hardware store - the skills for which could be used at one stateside. All prayers are appreciated!
We're getting closer to having documents - Levi got a call from the lawyer and will meet with him Monday. While he's at it, he'll check at the Municipalidad (like city hall) to see if what I brought is sufficient, if I need signatures seals, translations, or what - if indeed we can DO this during this trip. But nothing is wasted in God's economy, and I treasure the time with his parents, and getting to know other family members. Carlos (aka Carlin) for example, married to Levi's niece Erica, is a motokarista who has driven us to market a few times. Yesterday we called on him, and made first a stop at the bank, then at a dentist so Levi could get an appraisal of his teeth (he needs some extensive work done), then for pizza ingredients, and finally - a MATTRESS! Yay! This morning my hip didn't bother me when I got up to go walking with Papi!
We did run into some problems - Ma's 2 small ovens died, so she's using the new one I got, and has been using her gas oven - but of course, more gas is used, so this morning mid-bake, we'd run out, so Pa had to call the company, llamagas, to get another tank. Levi arrived in time to pay the 30 soles for it. But we're under way again.
Minina the cat seems to be due to have her kittens any day. She loves to cuddle up in Papi's sandals - it's so funny to see. I got a picture, but my battery charger doesn't seem to work HERE, so I may have to buy some cheapy AA's, ESPECIALLY if we DO manage to pull off a civil ceremony. Details of THAT also need to be discussed - Levi and I were leaning towards something very simple with not many people, but of course, traditions, large family...but he's been unemployed and I'm on limited funds. Hm...Can one elope???? Ah well...Trusting in and waiting on the Lord.
Other interesting notes...While sitting and watching tv last night I felt a drop on my arm, and saw something whitish and wet. Looked up to the rafters - didn't see any bats or birds. Ma said it had to be one of the little lizards that crawl about the walls and ceiling. Great. Lizard kaka!
Also, a large butterfly flittered into the house and hung around a while, and the parents said the traditional saying is that they're harbingers of visitors. I told the butterfly, "You're late! I'm already here!"
Minina in her favorite spot

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