Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Rolls and Pizza

Well, let's see...last post had to do with Saturday night. Sunday I went to Manantial, mounted on the back of Levi's motorcycle. We arrived about 10 minutes into the service, and sat in back among Marita's family. They had a guest speaker, an associate of the other pastors I'd met via Victor. His interpreter lacked experience and flubbed through a couple of places, but none the worse for understanding the gist of the teaching about family. Afterwards I went up to introduce myself to my paisano. It had started to rain during the service, so Levi sent me home with nephew Fritz in the motokar. I still managed to get baptized as I entered the house, so I took a shower with soap and shampoo. The temp dropped considerably, and I ended up changing into sweatpants and a turtleneck. Then I thought, AH! That's why the temp drop - I'd put turtlenecks and sweatpants in my carryon, while other clothes were in our dresser drawer, thinking (after all the heat) that I wouldn't need them. We watched a bit of "Cantando en la Lluvia" - hint: Gene Kelly, Deborah Reynolds, Donald O'Connor....The dialog was dubbed in Spanish, but the songs were as they were, and the dancing totally delightful. Later Levi drove me to Marita's, and at Erica's we watched the rest of "Alñicia en el Pais de Maravillas" (with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter),and then, "Encantada" - and the great thing about THAT movie was that the songs were also in Spanish. We had some good laughs. Levi went home and I spent another night in Kelly's bed, and Monday morning Carlos drove me home. I pretty much chilled - literally. It was overcast and cool - comfortable. A Rochester summer day! Levi isn't starting right away on the new job, but he'd gone for ID stuff. He also got orders for pizza. Oh! Yeah, Mama had made her sweet rolls, and Levi took them to sell. Trouble was, one batch fell on the ground (a sacrifice - we ate it, scraping off the sand); and 2 batches got burned. Not TOO badly. This morning's breakfast - "Do I want sand or carbon?" So she was making more today, and her 2 little ovens pooped out on her (glad I bought a 3rd on Sunday). Well, we got the gas oven going to finish one, and put the other in the new oven...there were 2 more batches to go when Levi brought me here to the internet. Well, yesterday he got orders for pizza too - so this morning we went into the center to pick up some ingredients, and I'll be working on those tomorrow with Mama. While getting ground beef, Levi asked if I wanted to get another cut of meat to make, say, a soup. I suggested,"estofado" (stew - his favorite) and his eyes brightened. So while Mama worked on sweet rolls, I made beef stew.  Nice to know I can still cook - Abi does most of it at the house, so sometimes I wonder if I may lose my touch. Nope. Levi's tummy seems to be expanding a bit with his gringa's cooking!  Oh, it was quite cool last night - I wore my sweater, and used a blanket. But at least I was able to sleep at home - Levi finished the bedstead and put the cushions on it. I gave him $ as a deposit on a new mattress so my hip won't grind into the boards. He has back problems too. So...it'll be nice to have more cushioning.So, we're getting this micro biz going. I gotta learn how to make Mama's dough. Also have to get more batteries for my camera, as the recharger doesn't work here. Poop. All for now.
sweet rolls!

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