Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Night at Marita's

Kelly and Erica

Me and my Honey

Josue is only working till 10 tonight, and since our bed isn't finished yet, this presented a problem with sleeping arrangements. Not wanting to go to the hospedaje again (15 soles is cheap, really, but still...)...a solution presented itself. Earlier in the evening some of the family was coming in dribs and drabs. Apparently it is friendship day : Niece Kelly had called while there was still daylight, saying she'd like to take me and Levi to the Plaza to take pix and hang out. But Levi was still out - had a job interview (and starts anew Monday: 4 hours per day, Mon-Fri, in a supervisory position. Will post more when I know more, but meanwhile, thanks for prayers!) first, niece Erica arrived with hubby Carlos and sons  Gabriel and Angel. Then came Marita  (Levi's sis) with Kelly and Leidi. Later nephew Fritz. We sat around outside talking in the cool dusk. Oh, there were 2 little pieces of our ham and cheese pizza left, which I cut in slivers to be tried  (before Fritz's arrival - he missed out) . FINALLY Levi arrived with the aforementioned news of new employment. He announced he was hungry, so I whomped up some scrambled eggs with onion and ham and heated up some yucca. There arose a discussion over the ceramic animials I had brought to give the family - were they from molds? So I grabbed the plasticene I'd bought at the market the other day and showed how I made them, making a little giraffe, elephant, and rooster. (Levi jokes, "And I taught her in just one day!" Shades of Groundhog Day, "I taught him in just one lesson!") Well, we did a lot of talking and discussed possible paseos (outings). And tomorrow morning I'll go with Levi to market before church to look for pans for Ma to make her sweet rolls to sell...then I'll go with Marita's family to Manantial THIS week, and back to Alianza NEXT week, and so on...then after church around 5 I guess we'll go to the plaza. But meanwhile, there arose the problem of sleeping arrangements - but then I asked, how about if I stay at Marita's or Erica's? Kelly quickly volunteered to share her bed with me ( a double) so I got in the motocar driven by Fritz, and here I am, posting unexpectedly. Okay, it's late, and tomorrow's a busy day.

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