Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pucallpa - first two days

Hello at last from Pucallpa! I think I was beginning to get internet withdrawal! I am presently at the  home of my sister-in-law, Marita, Levi's older sister.Well, let me back up - Sabi, Vicky (her sister), and Ruth ( her daughter) accompanied me to the airport around 3:30 on Thursday, and good thing we left early because we did indeed encounter delays. But we arrived in good time, so they waited for me by Papa John's while I checked in. But it was closed for renovations so I treated them to "hamburgers" - CHICKEN "hamburgers". And a little ice cream cone. They stayed with me a while, and then hermano Alberto Tafur Coral, who has been a long time friend of Levi's and lives near the airport, came by to meet me in person - he was one to whom I'd written ages ago when he was still at CCVA in Iquitos. We never met face to face though. He is making some special tees for me and Levi as a wedding present! Well, the flight was brief, less than an hour, and I saw sis-and-bro-in-laws, Sonia and Victor, before seeing Levi. Got to know a nephew who drove us in the motokar to the homestead where Papa Eladio and Mama Marleni also waited. I gave out gifties to them and my "bonus" son Josué,the caps and bandanas. I am working at learning names of the CHILDREN of nieces and nephews! AAAGH!
Well, Levi and I´d had our small home-church ceremony last year, and we're still waiting for all the docs to do the civil. Bureaucracy is everywhere. I'll let folks know the date as soon as ***I*** do!
Meanwhile, Levi, Uncle Armando, Papito, and Josué have been working on a room for us off the dining room (close to the bathroom - yay!) but as yet it is unfinished, so Levi and I have been staying at Hospedaje Refugio a few blocks away. Nice for privacy - and 15 soles a night ( one dollar is 2.5 soles roughly- the dollar is really low!) Carlos - married to niece Erica - dropped us off and was told to come early the next morning, because Levi still had to work. We were both tired but we stayed up late TALKING and TALKING and TALKING, the conversation running the gamut. I didn't sleep well due to hip and noises. Made up for it the next day.
Carlos picked us up and dropped us off at home, and while Levi went to work I had a nice time with the in-laws. I am ESPECIALLY blessed by papito Eladio. We got into many animated conversations about the Lord and the scriptures and what God is doing. Mama Marleni made a wonderful breakfast, yuca and fried egg. For lunch there was fish soup! For dinner, Levi shared his peanut butter that I'd brought him, and we spread it on rolls (dinners are light). Before he came home, some of the clan - nieces Kelly, Leidi, Erica...Carlos...2 of Erica's children...Marita ...dropped in to greet me warmly. I was so-o-o-o tired. Levi was too, and so when we finally got to Hospedaje Refugio, we made up for our long night of talking by corking off pretty soon. (And I remembered ibuprofen for the hip) We walked the few blocks home this morning, and he went off to work. Papito and I had an additional devotional time (besides the one I had with Levi) -again, I am so BLESSED, I feel like the Lord is feeding me through him.They have a pretty kitty, Minina, who is pregnant...She's a very sweet cat, and valuable to keep mice and rats away from the house "bodega." Well, today, Josué accompanied mama and me to the market where I got grapefruit - get this: 5 for one SOL. I got FIFTEEN for 3 soles - just a little over a dollar! Let me know if you're jealous! Other things too. I made lunch of broccoli salad, and chicken salad, and soup from boiling the chicken. Meanwhile, Josué and Papito continued working on the room. Papito is amazing for 80 years old! I am so blessed to have this time with them. Levi stopped in briefly and I gave him 3 little sandwiches of the chicken salad, then he had to leave again.The rest of us lunched together. I met another nephew, David, uncle Armando's son, when the two of them stopped by. Not ready to be tested on them just yet! 
So, anyway, that's about it - my journal has more details because I was able to make entrees more frequently. Niece Leidi came for me so I could use the internet at Erica's house, but it was dark in that corner, so they led me next door to Marita's, and here I am. Till Levi comes home.
Levi and his brother Victor right of our new room-in-progress

Papa Eladio, sawing BY HAND.

Mama Marleni, my sis-in-law Marita, and her daughters Erica, Kelly, and Leidi

Wearing bandanas like pirates - "Say 'AAARRRrrrgh!'"

Pretty Minina with Mamita Marleni

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