Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good Investments

Yesterday morning before I went out visiting, Sabi and I were just sitting and talking, and I told her what a blessing it was to see the kids growing in the Lord. She told how all were increasing in boldness. For example, her daughter Ruth didn't participate in school festivities of singing certain songs with ungodly or satanic themes, enduring the mockery of her fellows - and then asked the teacher permission to preach. At first there was mockery, but then even th mockers were silenced. The teacher stepped out of the room, crying, and others were crying under the conviction of the Holy Spirit; and many received the Lord. Furthermore, Sabi told me how the "Soldados de Bendicion" (Soldiers of Blessing) tees I gave them last year also encouraged them, as they went out together and ministerd through choreography or skits, and this year's "God's Army" baseball caps only added to the uniform and put fuel on the fire. I was so blessed to know that these little gifts contributed to the work of evangelism that they do in their spheres of influence. I may not get out like they do, but I am nonetheless a participant in the work they do, and so I can also share in the reward!

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  1. Bendiciones Shelley! I'm glad to read how God is using you in Peru through your blog. It is very encouraging to see how much you love the people. I am praying for God to continue to use you.
    I love you sister and miss you...
    Elaine Alvarado