Thursday, June 28, 2012


sister and intercessor Teresa

my boys Jhon and César

Sabina and another Teresa enjoy the food

Jhon attacks the potatos

Sabi serves Jorge while Santosa savors flavors

Peje Rey!

Anamaria , left, brought the last big plate

Ruth watches Nimia prepare to chow on noodles

Jorge insisted I join my voice to Sabi's and Roldan's when I knew the lyrics

Santosa's husband dances with another faamily member

Another Teresa gets me on my feet whil Ronald claps

my boys Jhon, Tito, and shy José

Jorge gets me dancing too

dancing with Tito

pant pant pant

Jhon sings, Roldan plays teclado

Tito directs some games

Sabi is behind Ronald, as the arms in this game
Yesterday we had a quiet day in the DAYTIME...Originally, Ps. Jorge was going to have us (the church) go to Huascar Park but since he and I had already walked our legs off there on my goddaughter's birthay, he changed plans to be a pass-a-dish lunch at the church. SO MUCH FOR LOSING WEIGHT! I didn't have any of the cebiche Sabi made because she made my favorite little fried fish, peje rey, JUST FOR MEEEEE! One person made a fried rice with bits of hot dog and chicken.Someone brought "chicharones" - fried bits - of octopus (sweet and tender!), someone else brought chicharones of chicken. Someone brought a salad of broccoli and avocado. There was also a warm pudding of pineapple. When we thought we had stuffed ourselves - someone else brought a platteer of spaghetti with chicken. I crammed a bit of wing and noodles in th last remaining space! Later people caame and went, Jorge practiced or composed songs, I loaded pix and chatted on the computer...Then we all went to Santosa's house - for HER birthday. Let me tell you, CHRISTIANS KNOW HOW TO PARTY - and with no liquor (just the New Wine of the Holy Spirit - see Acts 2), we had a delightful time, singing praises to the Lord and dancing. I used to be able to do a "Holy Ghost Hop" but now I do more of  "Trinity Two-step!" I think I may have worked off that big lunch! Tito led in some gams before there was food - a wing in sauce, rice, and potato with creamy picante sauce. fter a while, I asked Sabi if I could have José escort me home, and Teresa came along, since she lives between José and the church. It was eleven when I got home and crashed into bed - Sabi said the rest of them got home around 2 after cleaning up when the party ended around 1:30!
I'm hearing some music by Paul Wilbur in Spanish with a Jwish flavor, the same song that sister Ana danced to at Ciudad de Refugio the last Sunay I was there. Today after lunch with my friend Nimia we'll go to the airport - early, in case of traffic delays. And perhaps we'll have the traditional Papa John's pizza! Meanwhile, my nieces Leidi and Tutty have told me the family is anxiously awaiting my arrival in Pucallpa tonight! Ah, but who is MOST anxious? Song - "Tonight" from West Side Story!

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