Sunday, June 24, 2012

Youth Service and Visits

On the way to Santosa's house

On the way to Santosa's house

Luis, me, Evelin, Santosa, and a parcel of granddaughters

I hug Santosa's daughter Flor while Evelin waits her turn

Santosa displays her plátanos

Santosa has her own little "selva" (jungl) in her front yard - an oasis in the otherwise dusty area
Ruth and José lead praise and worship

Ronald, Jhibson, Evelin, Rosita, Jesús...

Victor (Titín) leads in prayer

José preaches on David and Goliath

attentive youth

Now it's time for fun and games!

Me in the bright yellow with the "jóvenes"
Had a wonderful time during the youth service. It's thrilling to see how they've grown in the Lord over the years. José delivered a message after he and Ruth led in praise and worship, and even I had to get up and do a little dancing (took ibuprofen later!!!) They had some games afterwards - I had to video bits of them. I want to post this one, where Jhon and Tito squared off like a pair of fighting cocks to grab a little ball! Finally around 11 since they were still playing, I had to call it a night. José walked me home and I think I caught up on my sleep. Irma served breakfast this morning, with her husband Wilfredo, Ps. Jorge, and José - whole wheat rolls, a plump avocado half, and my favorite Peruvian olives! We had a long visit, then went to the church where Santosa and Sabina were leading in praise and worship. I was fairly successful in being surreptitious in my entrance, so as not to distract from the real center of attention, our wonderful Lord Jesus - but a couple of sisters did grab me with big hugs and kisses! Since I was there, Jorge asked me to share from the word. Afterwards, there was a video of a pastor expounding about end times. Then I walked home with Santosa (good exercise!) for a lovely lunch of chicken and mixed veggies. The ubiquitous rice was also offered, but since there were bits of potato in the veggies, I passed (starch!) Evelin Mina Moreano is Santosa's daughter, and both were with us in Feb. 2007 when we went to Cuzco and Machu Picchu. It's delightful to be with them - and use their internet to post this!   Here's a bit of one of their games!

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