Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Jorge and Luisa and I await a cab

soup is served - my goddaughter Lisbet and me

with my hand for scale - plump juicy tangerine

Libe's abuela, mother, and self

far left is Luisa's little sis - Parque Huascar

new ride at Huascar, a little tour around part of the park

the train cars

my friend Jesusa gives me a hug as I eat my traditional boled potato with picante sauce

Marcelino, Lisbet, me, Luisa - growing closer ovr the years since Lisbet's quinciñera
Yesterday was my goddaughter's birthday. Lis Juarez Ayvar had asked me in 2007 if I could be her madrina for her quinciñera. So here she's TWENTY now! Well, I stayed in Lima especially for her. So anyway, after I had a nice wash-up at the church and did stuff on the computer, her mother Luisa Ayvar Cruz came for me. She took me and Ps Jorge Samelvino Mozombite to a restaurant which she runs by day ( another relative runs it as a pizzaria by night) where she served us a yummy chicken noodle soup to start, followed by a nice salad. Jorge had the pork chop. When I mentioned lasagna was my favorite dish, she prepared a pasta dish for me that had a nice cheesey sauce, and a bit of ground meat in tomato sauce, that just hit the spot. For dessert, enormous plump tangerines. Then we took a cab to the local park, Huascar, where I have been taken at least once every visit to Lima. I had a good long walk, and observed some new additions to the amusements offered there. Then we parted with Jorge and went to the Juarez residence where I lay down a while (my feet were swollen and sore!) Then up to visit a while with Lisbet's father Marcelino Juarez, catching up on events. Gradually other relatives arrived. Silhi France Juarez Felix plopped next to me and let me tell her about my love. I also met an 11-yr-old girl whom I have to "friend" so she can continue practicing her English on me. It was pleasant to be reunited with others from Manantial de Vida for Lisbet's birthday. Silhi warned me they were "mañaneros," coming from work to join the party and staying to the wee hours of the morning - mañana. So Sabina called around 10 pm and asked when I might be coming home so my poor hostess Irma would not be inconvenienced. It was decided that Jorge would come for me. We stayed to sing a number of renditions of Happy Birthday, in Spanish and English, and to have some cake, and "another picture!" "otra foto!" It has ALWAYS been difficult to take leave of this delightful family in Christ. We rode with Pilar Juarez and another partier to arrive home around midnight! All in all it was most pleasant fellowship, and Lis and her family were very glad that I "honored" them with my presence (while I in turn felt honored to be included!)

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