Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I am returning to Peru on Friday, for the 9th time. Each time has been different, and I think it's the Lord's way of keeping me from trying to "box" Him in or limit what He wants to do, where He'll do it, and how. I had my ideas of what I'd be doing this trip a few months ago, but the Lord let me know otherwise, bit by bit. One thing is certain - I am remarrying...uh...Right, Lord???

I actually met Levi Utia the first time I went in 1997, but I didn't really come to KNOW him know him until the summer of 2007. In hindsight I can see how the Lord was preparing the way for this union by first establishing a friendship and letting me get a glimpse of this man's character.

So anyway, the agenda goes SOMETHING like this. Leave Friday afternoon, via American Airlines, by way of Chicago and Miami, arriving in the early morning of the 23 in Lima, where I'll be greeted and picked up by my "family" - oh, they really are family! - from the church Voz de la Transformacion , pastored by Jorge Samelvino (brother to my late friend Hugo) and his wife my DEAR friend and considered little sister, Sabina Campos. At first I was going to go directly to Pucallpa, where Levi is, but I have a goddaughter, the niece of another pastor friend, and her birthday is the 26th. I want to have some time with her and the family. And I want to see if I can find either a keyboard or a guitar which I can afford to buy for my musical husband. And since my last trip, I have bonded very strongly with the church family there, so I really want to have a few days with them before I devote myself to my new husband. But I don't want to stay away TOO long. So...I will continue on to Pucallpa on the 28th of June.

I'd THOUGHT we were going to have the civil ceremony - this is the only one Peru recognizes - on June 30th, but it has been in Levi's court to make arrangements, and he has been working 7 days a week. So I don't know the exact date - I expect it will be in July. And I ask the Lord, what may be the significance of the date HE has chosen for us to wed. Because I've learned he DOES things like that.

So, I have an IDEA of what's going to transpire and the rough outline of the time frame. But the details will unfold before me - and Levi - as we walk into this new life together. So, for now, I'm happily counting the days till I'm reunited with the family in Lima, and will enjoy them while I'm with them...and the days till I'm back in Levi's arms!

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