Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Last Days -and Meals - in Lima

Sunday night, since they didn't have to take me to the airport they dcided to take me to a pollería. Maximo drove - there was Julia, Teresa, Jorge, Sabina, Jhibson, Ronald, Jose, and Ruth. There was some disagreement as to which "Sabor Real" to go to - Teresa insisted this one was "mas rico", while Jorge pointed to that one. Maximo got us parked near Teresa's choice (and we watched as a "borracho" - drunk - urinated in front of his motorcycle before taking off ) - only to find out, no, they didn't have upstairs dining. Jorge and a couple of the guys gleefully said, "We win, we win!" and Maximo drove us across to the other one. And when it came time to pay up, Teresa was counting out the change as the others chipped in, and I offered 20 soles but they waved it way - I was the invited gust! I didn't refuse!
The following day I spent a lot of time on the computer, downloading photos and videos. A couple of "my boys" came by, Jhon and César -as Soldados de Barro from 2006, they'd accompanied me on a mission trip to visit churches along a river. Having sat so long, I needed a walk, so I grabbed them as my ecort and we just mosied down the street. We turned at the next block and knocked on Nimia's door - bcause of course there were her sons, including Elvis, another of my "boys" who had been with me on missions. Jhon invited him to join us, but he was with his fiancee having devotions. However, they confirmed a date for tonight - apparently these 3 plus Moisés, Sabi's son, decided to take advantage of my extended stay, to take me to a pollería owned by César's uncle (which, Sabi said, was even "mas rico".) And so it was around 7:30 that the 4, plus Sabina and I, walked (yay) to the other polleria - again THEIR treat. It was just so sweet of them! And the walking did me good.
Yesterday morning, Julia called Sabi to tell her not to make breakfast, that SHE would bring something. So...I had a hamburger on one of the rolls they call "french" - like french bread in texture and flavor, but just a roll.. Then, she wanted to invite me for lunch - here at the church? or at their home? Well, I could use more walking, since everyone insited on feeding me, so I suggested her house. Sabi discussed the menu with hr, and later Maximo came to get me. While waiting, when Sabi had to go to the market, I asked to tag along, for the exercise. We passed Teresa's tailor shop and greeted her. Later, when I walked with Max, it was mostly a downhill walk, and farther than I thought, going beyond the markt. So I said that on the return trip I thought a vehicle of some sort would be a good idea. Julia made chicken with vegetables and lo mein noodles, Chinesey style - LOTS of veggies, even bok choy, snow peas, and bean sprouts! I ate all that she served, but did not ask for seconds. The portion was quite enough. This morning Sabi was telling me how delighted Julia was - that she told Teresa, "I made lunch for sister Shelley, with my whole heart full of love, and she ate EVERY BIT!" - putting Teresa jealous! (???) Well, Max and Julia wanted to keep me a while longer, going on a little paseo, but Jorge'd made other plans, so Max drove me home. Oh, I'd also had a pleasant time with their son (and mine!) Ronald, who showed me his English workbook and asked some help on translations; then showed me a world atlas and we enjoyed finding places in Peru and the USA.
In the evening, Jorge took me by taxi to a church, Vida Abundante - telling me en route that I was to give the message, so, I did a lot of praying during the ride! The church looked a bit fmiliar, and I learnd later that I had indeed been there once before in 2006. Well, Ps. Pedro invited us in his office and served cheese sandwiches and hot cocoa, and we chatted a bit before service. The music was good - anointed - and this morning Sabi told me that Jorge had told her that I gave a wonderful, encouraging message. I think it was rather brief, because the service started at 8 and I finishd by 9. I drew from my devotional reading in Matthew, where Jesus prayed in the Garden, "Not my will, but Yours". Somtimes His will is difficult, and there is suffering. Somtimes we don't understand the why's. But we can always trust God's goodness, wisdom, and love. And even if we mess up - the Father receives us back, as in the parable of the Prodigal Son. And if God was able to do His will through somone like the prophet Jonah, who resisted, how much more, if we really want to do His will, will He help us?
So, Sabi said, it may be that word was for just one person, and God cancelled my flight to deliver it.
PLUS...Back when I realized  Levi wouldn't be coming back with me, I considered changing the date of my flight to spend a little more time in Peru, but it would cost an extra $100. But since it was cancelled, I was able to reschedule with no extra charge!
So...Tonight I HOPE I will be homeward bound - to my Rochester, NY home - but it's nice to have family in other places. How beautiful is the family of God in Christ!

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