Monday, September 10, 2012

New Routines

I am working in the same building as I have for the past dozenyears, but it's now called All City High (ACH) at John Marshall Campus. I'm glad I can still work close to home. But the schedule is different, and I have to be there at 7 in the morning. So, while we are still on Daylight Savings Time, which is an hour ahead of peru's time (though we are technically stil in the same time zone) - I cannot call Levi for devotions before I go to work. He needs the sleep - and 6:00 am here is 5:00 am THERE. I have to wait until we "fall back" and then i can call him at 6 and have some time on the phone with him before I have to leave for work by 6:45.
So, I occasionally try to call him later in the day. I get home after 2:30, which is around 1:30 there - he's usually home for lunch around 2, Peru time. But he doesn't always go home for lunch. I occasionally try to call him when he gets home from work at night - but it isn't the same time every night, and sometimes he stops to see a relative - plus, since I'm an hour later, and I've been up since 5:30 am so I can get on the exercise bike, and then shower, well, I am EXHAUSTED. So I haven't been using the phone minutes as much! AND  - I really miss our devotional time. I miss just chatting with Levi. I will have to take naps so that I can have the stamina to stay up later to talk with him.

My second job has come pretty much to an end as well - the woman I helped had to find someone to fill in for me while I was away. But I'll look for something else.

The Clothesline Art Festival was not as productive as in previous years due to yucky weather on Saturday. I can pay some bills, and save SOME towards return to Peru. I have to put my trust in the Lord that He knows what's going on. Perhaps His purpose is to bring Levi here first on a fiance visa - so we can have a simpler time getting married - MAYBE - although I think of his parents, and how much it would mean to them to be there. 

Well, I think for the tithe from the art show, I'll wire it to Levi for another couple of Breakfast events, one this month and one next.

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