Sunday, August 19, 2012


As the countdown begins to leave Pucallpa, I find myself crying on and off. This morning at church, it was the realization, this is the last service I'll be attending. It was all the more grievous, because Levi wasn't with me - he had decided to put in some hours at work in hopes of selling something. (which he did not) The pastor told me he'll be by on Wednesday for a visit. I walked to church with Papito y Mamita and Tio Armando and Tia Teresa. There was a different pastor who gave the message. Niece Erika arrived a bit late and sat beside me, and her husband Carlin sat in front of her. When service ended, I gave her a hug and again began to cry, because I got to know her and Carlin and the two boys pretty well, and would miss them. I asked aboutmaybe coming by later in the day - and here I am in the evening, having been offered internet.---- that saves me 2 soles! I waited for Papito, who was talking to some tall "gringos", and he came to me and joked that he'd been chatting with some of his paisanos. I asked him to introduce me to the missionaries, and so met Carolyn and Kim Fowler from Michigan and Arizona respectively. Kim greeted me and then went to one of the study groups, but Carolyn and I had a nice chat, hopping bwetween Spanish and English (not wanting Papito to feel left out). She told me of a house where they stayed, that offered hospitality to missionaries, and the missionary whose house it is is returning to her country, and wondering what to do about the house, wanting it to continue to be used in the Lord's work. We'll be praying about it - it may be a good alternative to invading poor Erika's property to offer breakfasts to children. And it's still in the neighborhood. But it's something Levi will have to follow up on because I'm going to be away for several months!  Anyway, Erika had Carlin take me and Papito home since mamita and the Tios had already left on foot while we were jawing.
When we got home, I went to lie down a bit - we'd all been up late last night watching, of all things, BOXING. I am not iinto sports, myself, although I can tolerate them - my Dad was not a jock, and I grew up with a male role model who was more interested in classical music, ballet, opera, and visual arts. But The Utia household are sports fans, especially since this was some championship stuff - and Peru showed out very well in every category. ANYWAY...we'd gotten to bed way late, and so I went to lay down, but was crying. Mamita came to check on me, and when she asked why I was crying I explained that it was because I'd have to leave in a few days and they were all so dear to me. She said, "Listen, Shelita, you have a home here, you have a room here, you are part of our family, whenever you are here, you have every right as part of our family. We love you and we'll miss you. And when Levi goes to the US we'll miss HIM, but that's the way life is." We hugged each other and while I wasn't able to sleep, the sniffling stopped for a little while.
Later in the day as was our custom, Papito and I pursued more scripture reading and discussion, and ended with prayer, during which papito started to cry because he would miss our times together poring over the word, and of course got ME crying again, because I'll miss him too for the same.
Later on Victor stopped by, and it got me going again as I greeted him and told him that I was glad we had time to get to know each other; and he started to cry too, saying that even though he'd been in the marines/navy and was otherwise "tough" he was also sentimental, and appreciated getting to know me too.
Then I asked Levi  if he could take me to his sister Marita's - right next to Erika's - because there's a large concentration of relatives, and on Sunday nights they're mostly home. So he took me on the motorcycle.
MEANWHILE...We've been without water again - apparently the pump of the nearby water tank serving this neighborhood broke down. We still have about half a large barrel in the bathroom, but it's hot in Pucallpa and one likes to bathe twice a day. We were blessed by cousin/neighbor Camilo leaving us a large bucket for drinking that he'd picked up elsewhere. And Erika offered me use of their shower - as I write this Levi took a run back to the house to get my towel, washcloth, and clean skivvies!
So...Never got around to having a paseo...perhaps next year, on my birthday! But I've had a wonderful time getting to know extended family here, not the least being Papito and Mamita...and resting and relaxing. Thursday night I leave for Lima.

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