Monday, August 13, 2012

Preview of Posada de Refugio

During the previous several days Levi has been getting together with niece Erica to make arrangements for what can best be described as an introductory offer of what we plan to do in grander scale. Erica's house is on the same property as her mother's - her husband Carlin and brothers drive motokars, so there is a large paved area which would serve our purposes. Erica herself is an experienced nurse and Sunday school teacher. Levi's extended family is very supportive of what we want to do.
Erica prepares the kettle to make hot chocolate

I do my part too...making sandwiches

Erica tries to evade the smoke from the fire Levi starts
nephew Miguel behind us - dreamers

nephew Fritz and Levi watch Marita prepar hot cocoa

Levi records names and addresses of children

Fritz serves sandwiches

Toddler enjoys an apple

Of course, there's clean-up
So, invitations were made to some 30 neighborhood children, and groceries were bought - the equivalent of about 40 dollars - and early Sunday morning Levi and I rose and went to Erica's. The lights were still out - it was around 5:30 - but she responded to the beep of LLevi's motorcycle and opened the gate. Levi set about to build the fire to heat the water for the hot cocoa - They mix flour with the cocoa to give it a creamier texture! They also add cinnamon sticks and cloves, along with canned milk. I sliced the rolls and put "jamonada" - lunch ham - in them, 120 in all so in the event we had 40 children (which happens through word of mouth) we'd have enough for 3 small rolls with lunchmeat. And Erica washed the apples. Nephews Frits and Miguel together with Carlin and Levi set up chairs and benches (made from bricks and planks of wood). Erica and Carlin put up lyrics for songs and set out a small table to serve to hold Erica's Bible. When the children arrived around 8 am, Erica opened in prayer, then led in some songs with actions (I got a kick out of Levi's participation). After the songs, Erica gave a teaching about sin and salvation. Some of the children were already attended church and could answer questions very well. After the lesson, including the Bible verse from Matt. 19:14, Let the children come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of God, there were games.Then all were served breakfast, and there was enough for the accompanying mothers and grandmothers.  I took loads of photos and videos, which I hope to edit and burn onto a dvd to gain support for the work to continue and expand. We hope that at least we may be able to continue these breakfasts on Sundays; then continue to daily; then when we have acquired a parcel of land, to continue by having a kitchen and dining facility...and so on. Step by step. Levi will be looking into establisdhing an official identity as a charitable organization, and I'll be looking into church covering and support. Prayers are always appreciated! But anyway, it was a very successful first run.

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