Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Too Bored

I've been overcoming the "nothing to do" syndrome (out of yarn and can't really afford to buy more) by helping Papito with work on the house. Yesterday we were nailing panels to the framework he put up in back, in preparation for installing the washing machine. I started by just passing the alternating lengths of wood, but then said that I'd like to give hammering a go. My parents were always good
 about letting me and my sisters feel like we could do ANYTHING we set our minds to, and I am no stranger to tools. Besides, I worried about this 80 yuear old man getting up and down off the table to reach the high and then the low parts. So, he stayed on the table and did the top nails, and I squeezed between the framework and the back fence to nail the center and bottom. I HAVE lost some weight - Ma did me the favor of taking in my white capris which were at the point of falling down. Then today, I helped Pa carry buckets of dirt into the back to level the floor. The road workers are starting anew to level our street - and this time adding more dirt, so the holes - left by motorcycles and motokars getting stuck in the mud after rains - are filled in. They're talking of rocks and sand being added come Monday. Anyway, there's a pile of dirt and the end of the street, and Ma suggested that later in the day the neighbors would be out with their buckets taking some for their floors - us included - like the leaf-cutter ants, carrying their prize on their heads.
Levi has been working 6 dsays a week at this new job selling motokars, motorcycles, tractors and such, on straight commission. The worry is that he hasn't sold anything, as good a salesman as he is. Four percent is nice, granted, but a steady salary whether you sell or not is more comforting.
I love the fresh fish - especially when Ma fries the palomitas, and their fins are nice and crispy - and fish has been inexpensive because it's the season. BUT...we're ALL getting kind of tired of it, ALTHOUGH I did make Levi a breakfast of "Pango" - first you peel and boil platanos till they're tender, then add fish on top, a bit of salt - and the broth is yummy. I prefer maduros, myself (RIPE platanos, sweeter, not starchy). Anyway, I had 100 soles remaining to me till I return to Lima (I'd loaned Sabina 200 soles) - I have a couple hundred dollars in the account in case I need to pay an additional tariff to Lan airlines on my return flight to Lima, but if I DON'T, that'll be used towards September's mortgage payment and change for the Clothesline Art Festival. Anyway, this morning Ma and I took a motokar into town and I bought two whole chickens - the odd parts (head, organs, feet) Ma can sell in her bodega. I also bought limon ( a round green-to-yellow citrus ), a red pepper, broccoli (they love my broccoli slaw), some carrots and tomatos, and fresh cilantro - I have 60 soles left, plus some change for the internet. If I have anything left by next Thurs when I leave for Lima, I'll let Levi have it. He did have a sale last night, but he won't be paid till the end of the month. Sucky!
Papi and I continue to have additional Bible study times during the day, and we are both blessed by them. It has been such a blessing to spend time in the company of this spiritual Father - and he said he'll miss me too, because he's enjoyed our long discussions.
A belated thank you to all who posted birthday greetings via Facebook - it mitigated the unpleasantness of that particular day when the bus broke down six hours out of Lima! Abi had told me she remembered some lousy birthdays, one of the worst being when she had a boil on her face. Comparing to being in the middle of nowhere, she decided she preferred the boil!

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