Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Home Away from Home

My flight from Pucallpa was delayed last night - they needed a document (not from ME) before they could take off. Like I haven't had enough document-based problems! I was tearful...In the afternoon, family arrived for a farewell lunch. Ma had prepared "pollo al horno", baking the chicken in a sauce. I had prepared a salad of chopped broccoli and grated carrot. Then Victor and Sonia arrived with little David, and took me for a "paseo" in his motokar to see the park of Yarinacocha, where there's a lake. Four-year-old David said it was the biggest lake in the world, and I had to break the news to him that I live near a lake where you can't even see the other side. Tios Armando and Teresa arrived first; others came in dribs and drabs - Erika with Carlín and their 2 boys; Marita and Benito;Kelly; Miguel with is girlfriend and son - since they arrived late, they missed out on the salad, the last of which Levi had when he arrived from work for lunch. Some couldn't make it - but the day before I'd had some special time with nephew Fritz and Abl when they came by. Ma and Pa had gone into town for some thing, leaving me in charge of the store - ma had instructed me on prices of the most commonly bought items. Fritz helped with a sale of "un sol de huevos" - 3 eggs for a sol. Later Abel helped with bouillon aand seasoning for a totaal of 50 centimos. When they arrived, Abel looked at what we had of leftover on the table - so I asked if they were hungry. Apparently they'd been up since early morning when their mother Marita had to take her grandson Andres to the hospital. So I gave them the rest of the stew Ma had made the previous day, and the pancakes I'd made in the morning. and rice of course. Abel washed up afterwards - he who does not work, let him not eat. When Ma and P returned, they asked Fritz to take them somwhere, so Abel stayed with me and we had a nice conversation, mostly him asking m4 about life in the USA. Anyway - it had been a lovely time of getting to know family. When Josué arrived last night, he sat next to me and said, "Qué pena" and got me crying, and we held haands,and hugged. Later, niece Leidy arrived from work to give her own personal goodbye, a little poem. And, when Victor arrived last night with Sonia to take me to the airport, I was in tears as I hugged and kissed Ma, Josue, and Pa. Levi arrived at the airport a bit later from work, with Josue, so I gave everyone a last hug and kiss and went to the gate. The pain of departure was somewhat mitigated when I saw Tito waiting for me - and soon after, Jhibson aand Sabina...and then Ronald and José. I was still with family, still coming "home". How beautiful is the family of God in Christ!
 Yesterday was Jorge's birthday, but they're celebrating tonight, so I'm glad to be able to participate. This morning I was invited to breakfast with Rosita, José's aunt (sandwichs of avocado!); she also wants me to come for lunch. I've been going thru my photos, editing the memory cards - I filled the two 8 g chips I'd brought - so I wanted to see what I could delete, having loaded some files to other USB data holders.
The prophecies concerning transition were right on.

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