Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday?

So, the hours of travel from Huanuco to Pucallpa passed, thankfully, uneventfully. It was around 6 am when we arrived - we left Huanuco after 9 pm, with all the delays (as opposed to the original 7, then 8:30 that they said. Punctual my -big toe! ) We expected to take a motokar, but were delighted to see Carlin, husband to niece Erica, was aware of our coming and came for us in HIS motocar - I'd rather pay family! Papito was glad to see us home at last, safe and sound. I told him I was in time to walk with him, but he was just getting over a few days and nights of diahrrhea that left him weak. I was weakened from so many hours of sitting, so we walked slowly for about 20 minutes and built up on successive days.
Levi has taken the job as salesman on strict 4 % commission at a place that sells motorcycles, motokars, tractors, and such. He's good at what he does, but I'm hoping this will work - no regular salary. He's off on Sundays. Well, he paid Carlin, and we caught up a bit, had a quick devotion together, and then he had to go to work, but he was glad that I'd made it back safe at last. Later in the day, we were visited by family members - sister Marita and her daughters Erica (with Carlin and the 2 little boys), Kelly, and Leidi., and Victor with Sonia and their little boy David. There was singing of various Spanish happy birthday songs, and made-from-scratch cake by Mama (oh, my name was very badly misspelled, but I'm used to it...)We had some interruptions in power so I didn't blow out the candles that were used while the electricity was out! The following day in the afternoon, Ma called on Carlin to take us to the center so I could get some more yarn for us - I also bought more potty paper and laundry soap, and CANDLES, not only for us but for the bodega for next power outage. Oh, apparently there'd been an earthquake in the area on the morning Victor and I arrived. We didn't feel anything on the bus, but son Josue was telling how it was for him at work that he was wondering what in the world-?...Yesterday I finished the blanket for Levi for the chilly evenings. Next time I come, I'll bring some from JoAnn Fabrics - it's a nicer quality with more selection of colors. And I'm going to leave most of the clothes I brought to Pucallpa and bring more next year so I won't have to recycle so frequently.
Family helps to celebrate my belated birthday

Levi and I had a great devotional this morning - it was raining pretty hard so we didn't go to the church service. But we got a lot out of our study, and also had a delightfully long conversation such as we don't often have the opportunity to enjoy due to his being off working or running errands. We're going to see about starting something up at least once a week - a breakfast for needy children on Sunday mornings - while I'm still here, a slow and small start to something which we hope will grow and have a greater impact in the community. We can get support from som,e family members, but for it to grow we'll need outside help. Levi said the organization against hunger that was being run here is pulling up and moving out to another area, so there is a definite need.Papito says it's a lovely thing to birth a new work, and to see it grow. Little by little. All for now.

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